What Women Want. The Push Pull Technique

Even if you look like Christian Gee, Vince Taylor or Schwarzenegger at his peak, you’re not going to be all women’s dream, if you have no idea, how to behave with them and what they are fond of. Women like you being nice with them, attentive to them, they want you to make court to them. But would it be a reliable tip to do all this to be also liked by them? Maybe, you already know, that being too nice with women won’t make you be a success with them. Sounds like a paradox? No, because there should be enough attention, and no more than enough. Using the push and pull principle provides it.

What Is the Push and Pull Technique

The principle of Push and Pull technique is to control her emotions during a conversation. Be nice with her (“pull”), then right after it demonstrate indifference (“push” her away). Here’s an example. Establish a physical contact, touch her, show your interest, then move away a bit, push her off. Do the same in conversation. The most important thing is to find the balance between showing her you don’t care and you like her. Such behavior can make you more attractive to her.

Most women like to be persuaded. This means, when you suggest something, even if she would want to do this or to go there, she would not say “yes” immediately, she would wait until you try to persuade her. Don’t do this, if she does so, just say “no problem” and don’t insist. This would make her confused and understand, that you are not to play with.

Here’s is another example. In case, when she’s angling for a compliment by saying something negative about herself and expecting you say “no, you’re absolutely not fat, you’re so slim and beautiful”, don’t pay her compliments at all. Say something like “No problem, I like curvaceous women”. But be careful with negative (for her) statements, always mix “good” and “bad” messages. As said, find that balance, don’t try too hard, otherwise she could think, you’re brut and never want to have to do with you anymore.

Tips How to Seduce a Woman Using the Push and Pull Technique

The following tips how to seduce a woman should help you use the push and pull principle successfully.
Be self-confident. Even if you’re very nervous, show her, that you are cool and deadpan.

  • Show your interest in her, but not all the time. Behave sometimes, as if you don’t care.
  • Don’t be like other men.
  • Don’t always give her, what she’s expecting from you.
  • Be playful. Tease her.
  • Be strong not only with muscles, dominate her in conversation.
  • Be a challenge for her. A challenge increases woman’s interest in you.

Seducing Women Is Like Bodybuilding

Don’t try to please her too much. Leave some incompleteness. Never let her be sure about your attitude to her, otherwise you’ll bore her. People don’t appreciate what they have already got. Even children behave so: as soon as a little girl gets the desired toy, she loses interest and wants another one. It can also be compared to bodybuilding – you want to gain more muscle mass, as soon as you have reached a particular result, then, when you’ve done another step, you again want to “grow” further. The same thing can be said about women. Let them always have a goal, that is you, let them strive for something, provide them a challenge. And they will be all yours.

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