What Really Is Muscle Growth?

I know my blog is very opinionated so I figure tonight I will throw some facts at you.  The first step in building muscle is made easy by “protein synthesis”, which happens to be a very complex process beyond just building protein from amino acids.  Muscle hypertrophy is the proper term for the process in which humans build skeletal muscle, needs fusion of new cells, satellite cells with existing muscle fiber.  The satellite cells lay dormant until stimulated.  This means that you rip your muscle, and these cells kick into action to multiply cells and cause growth of your muscle fibers.

So you ask why is this important to steroid users?  Well this is the basis of how steroids are so effective in building muscle.  In a normal person the process of lifting, in turn ripping muscle, then through help of protein synthesis and other actions the muscle heals and in time we notice growth.  With  a consistent workout ethic, we find that each time your muscle is repaired it is stronger then before.  This is why we need to stay in  the gym year round, resting accordingly.  That is why resting in between workouts are so important, to allow such repairs.

So now we need to understand Test a bit.  Testosterone is produced in humans, but at different rates between men and women.  Men produce Test is produced in the Leydig’s cell, men produce about 2.5 – 11mgs per day (which is why you don’t need really high doses of Test to get good effects), and women produce roughly 1/4 mg a day.  This is the main cause behind men carrying around more muscle mass on average then women.  So we produce Test naturally, but the addition of Test (steroids) speeds up the protein synthesis process, which in turns speeds up healing.  So with this addition we are building muscle at a much faster pace, so we grow that much faster.  How Test gets to the receptors is a whole other blog, and how certain other anabolics work will be addressed in the future, but in a nutshell this is a simplified explanation of how steroids build muscles.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .  Thanks

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