Ways To Get Fat Out Of Your Diet! Part 2 of 2

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Ways To Get Fat Out Of Your Diet! Part 2 of 2

Welcome back to this two part series!

In case you didn’t read the last article, here’s a brief introduction.

This series is about different methods the modern man could apply to his life to cut down on his fat intake. It requires no massive changes in your daily behaviour, but rather, just modifying a few things that you do. It revolves around different foods, and alternatives, and paying a few opportunity costs, but ultimately, it is in the greater name of your own body.

And, with no further ado..

-Instead of cooking with full-fat milk when you make things like curry, use skimmed milk. By using skimmed milk instead of a cup of cream when cooking, you’ve saved yourself a hefty 60 kcal. If you want something thicker, try fromage frais, or possibly even a low-fat yogurt.

-Salads are great for you, but when you eat them, ensure they’re not ’spy salads’. By that, I mean that they don’t look healthy when they’re not. Dressings are the main culprit when it comes to converting ordinary salads into ’spy’ salads. The dressings are usually calorie and fat-laden, so ensure that you have none when you eat your salad.

Another thing to avoid when eating salads are fatty meats thrown into the concoction for added taste. A leafy salad is great, but with chopped up pieces of deep-fried chicken, it is not so. Don’t be fooled.

-When buying chicken, turkey or any kind of poultry, try to buy it without the skin. The skin is main source of fat, as over half the fat on poultry is either on, or directly under the skin.

-Mincemeat is also a good source of protein, however, if not cooked using a special method, it is absolutely smothered in fat. Make sure that when cooking mincemeat, you first dry-fry it, pouring out the fat as it melts, and then you allow it to rest in a pot of hot water for two minutes. This will remove a large amount of fat.

-If you love cheese, and simply can’t get away from the stuff, look to try cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is not only a low lower in fat, it also has a far lower calorie content. However, if you simply cannot be satisfied by cottage cheese, half-fat hard cheeses are a pretty good alternative as well.

-Like I said in Part One, I love tuna. When you buy canned fish, ensure that you buy it in brine or water. The oil cans are just filled with unnescessary fat and calories. And also, there is absolutely no difference in taste.


-Remember – fruits are your greatest friend. The more bites you take out of that red apple, the less space there is inside of your stomach for the fat-laden cheesecake.

That concludes this two-part series. These tips aren’t especially difficult to implement into your daily routine, yet they can have such a dramatic effect. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have, please comment.

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