Tonsillitis in Bodybuilders

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Tonsillitis in Bodybuilders

Intensive physical training weakens the immune system of bodybuilders, resulting in chronic infection in the throat. Tonsils can’t perform their function of keeping bacteria off and become infectious themselves. Infectious tonsils cause a disease called chronic tonsillitis. Studies show that tonsillitis occurs in athletes because of the common decrease in the resistance of mucous lining of the throat.

The Effect of Tonsillitis on Cardiovascular System

Professional athletes usually had their tonsils out deliberately, and there is a reason for it. Eventually, 85-95% of people with tonsillitis experience the pathological changes in their cardiovascular system. Moreover, almost the half of them suffers from severe heartache, which makes any physical exercise impossible.

Why Tonsillitis Is Dangerous

What’s dangerous about tonsillitis is that it can lead to something more than just pain in the throat. Seasonal attacks of illness in fall and winter are perceived as a strep throat. What makes it worse is that physicians who are unfamiliar to the constitutional peculiarity of athletes do no more than a casual examination of nasal passages and the throat. But the detection of chronic tonsillitis requires blood tests and special bacterial analyses.

What Every Bodybuilder Should Know about Tonsillitis

Bodybuilder has to know that the majority of those suffering from chronic tonsillitis experience heartache. So, if you feel a piercing or gripping pain of different duration (from a few minutes to a few days), your tonsils are quite likely to have become the source of infection.

What Causes Tonsillitis

Often, poorly treated strep throat is what triggers chronic tonsillitis. With bodybuilding, the athlete can’t work through this relatively harmless illness unlike other people and has to stay in bed, extending the recovering period advised by physicians for at least 5-6 days.

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