Tomatoes Do Not Prevent Prostate Cancer

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Tomatoes Do Not Prevent Prostate Cancer

tomatoesThe National Cancer Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center destroyed the popular myth according to which tomatoes are good for men’s heath. Their latest findings show, tomato can not help prevent prostate cancer, while up till now it was believed to have such effect.

This conclusion was reached after conduction of the largest analysis in the history of science. The analysis examined histories of 28 000 people. The list consisted of absolutely healthy white older men. They underwent medical examination for a number of years in a row.

It was believed that tomatoes protect against prostate cancer, since they contain large amounts of lycopene (a powerful antioxidant). However, the tests have shown that men whose blood contained large amounts of lycopene were as likely to get cancer as those with low content of lycopene in their blood. Hence, this antioxidant can not prevent prostate cancer.

Eventually, a new surprising discovery was made – people who had high level of beta-carotene in their blood (another antioxidant – a yellow-orange dye, which is found in large amounts is such foods as carrots, for example) were more likely to have cancer, plus their form of this disease was more aggressive. Previously it was proven that beta carotene increases the risks of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The developers of the study claim that the problem does not lie in the carrots themselves, but rather in the food additives, which contain high levels of beta-carotene and are advertised as a panacea for cancer.

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