This Is Absolutely Unreal, Cops Don’t Do Steroids……

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This Is Absolutely Unreal, Cops Don’t Do Steroids…… is reporting

OKC police could be tested for drugs, not steroids

Associated Press – November 30, 2008 1:15 PM ET

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – A plan under consideration would allow Oklahoma City police officers to undergo random drug testing, but the list of drugs that would be tested wouldn’t include steroids.

The Oklahoma City Police Department and its officers’ union, the Fraternal Order of Police, are negotiating an agreement to implement the plan in 2009.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty says he does not think steroid use among officers is a “systemic problem” but doesn’t deny that some officers either are now using or have used steroids in the past.

Citty says drugs including marijuana, heroin and barbiturates would be included in the random tests.

He wouldn’t comment when asked if he wanted to add steroids to that list.

Police Capt.

Steve McCool says that since Citty became the chief five years ago, only one officer has been disciplined for possessing and using steroids.

Police union vice president Sgt. Ron Burks says that if the testing is reasonable, the union has no objection to the plan.

While I am a big fan of groups and organizations policing their own people, I find this to be a gross abuse of power and jurisdiction.  I have known quite a few of distributors of steroids and the 2 groups that seem to always show up to purchase such illegal supplements are college athletes and law enforcement agents of any kind.  Both seem to be for the same reason, physical requirements of the job or sport.  I must admit I do back both groups, because I feel it is their freedom to do so, but the hipocracy of law enforcement groups never seem to amaze me.  I am not saying all of them do it nor do I think that all cops are bad, it is the small percentage that makes the majority look bad.  I have several friends that are cops and are great people.  But for those that do use steroids and then partake in a steroid bust are at the highest level of hipocracy, they believe they are above the rules that govern this country.  So when I read that a police force isn’t going to test for steroids because it isn’t prevelant sounds like a way to sweep the truth under the rug.  And with this idea, why is it so wrong that MLB wants to police the steroid issue the way they want?  The police can so why can’t other groups?  Well because the people that govern cops are cops.  So I do say let the cops use steroids but the same should be extended to all others.  I know in my heart that if the steroid using police officers came forward and explained why they do so, we would be that much closer to legalizing steroids, and all the benefits that come along with it.  No one should be above the law, so level the playing field, hipocracy has no place in this country’s law making process.  So just think about it and see what you think.