The Guide To Becoming a New Comer

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The Guide To Becoming a New Comer

I know we all stumble our way into wanting to use steroids in different ways and for different reasons. And the same goes for how we plan such activities, some young foolish morons rush into it, grab whatever they can get and wonder why things went wrong. Then there are the lazy ones that want it done for them , so they ask everyone, and refuse to do research. This is the worst to me, they are intelligent enough to know the dangers, but decided to ignore them. This group is also mostly responsible for the ignorant myths , and rumors. The are what I like to call The Short Cut Fuck Ups, they want the quick fix, do a bunch of steroids but don’t work hard. They then have the nerve to bitch about their gains, and blame everything except the responsible party, THEMSELVES.

I know this one guy on a forum I frequent, and this kid is the typical SCFU’s, he did his first cycle and all he did was complain, I’m not growing, I can’t eat anymore, the steroids might be fake. Then to defend himself he will tell the group he is doing everything he is suppose to. Then come to find out, he was lifting 3 days a week, only eating 2 or 3 meals a day, and was sleeping properly. He wanted to gain like 40 pounds, doing nothing, and thought this shortcut would do it. Well my friends, it hasn’t, and he is attempting his third cycle and each has gone horrible, and he has gotten NO WHERE. The funny thing is he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

He is the point of this post, he is the reason why I will explain how it should be done. Steroids are not a shortcut, they are a means to allow your body to catch up with your dedication. Without heart you gain nothing!!!!!

Step 1 Research

I mean real research, you need to spend at least 4-6 months doing your homework. Read everything you can find from knowledgeable authors ( that’s always debatable which are but) read all of them you can, listen to what they all agree about, that is where the truth normally surfaces. On a side note, contact me if you ever need books to do such research, I can send you in the right direction. The key is to know the dangers possible, and the warning signs. It is also very important to know what you are putting in your body, you wouldn’t let your Plumber prescribe your medicine when your sick would you? Well some might but that’s not the point. Like G.I. Joe always said ” Knowing Is Half The Battle” and he is a real American hero.

Step 2 Questions

I recommend for this step find a good forum to ask the questions, this can be done for step 1 also, but whichever is fine. This is the time to ask questions, where you have a basic knowledge base but need clarification on certain points you may not be sure on. I can’t stress this enough, do not listen to some guy in your gym who swears he is an expert, if you do your research and he still seems like an expert maybe, but the forum is the safe route. Normally the MOD”s are the people to seek out, but most veterans are good to listen to, just avoid anyone that pushes a source on you, not a good practice.

Step 3 Blood Work

Before you even order a single thing, go see your doctor get a Physical and get your blood work done to make sure your in perfect health before you start a cycle. This is imperative, though if done properly they are pretty much safe, it could make a current issue worse, so be safe.

Step 4 Legit Sources

It is estimated that 90 + % are fake or scammers, this is where a good forum comes in to play, they can help you weed out the fake ones. It is very important to know the source is reliable, God only knows what they put in the fake stuff, just too much of a chance to take. Know what you are doing and know who you are dealing with. Never , EVER Western Union more the $999 , it brings attention to you. And never go with a source that seem too good to be true. Too cheap, don’t do it. They say they will front you, don’t do it. If a member of the forum says he can send it to you, don’t do it. Its common sense that can save you a lot of money.

Lastly, educated assumptions are needed to safely attempt a cycle, so prepare yourself like you do for any other major event. I have watched too many idiots ruin everything for the regular guy that just wants to improve himself. We are responsible for our own actions so think first…….

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