The Cycles Of Giants

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The Cycles Of Giants

I must say as I write more and more, I get more people asking what cycle they should run while training to be a Bodybuilder, and normally I divert them to a good friend of mine that trains many big names.

But to indulge my own curiosity , so I asked about the ranges of dosing and different cycles they use.

One amateur was running :

800 mgs of testosterone cypionate. a week

100 mgs of Testosterone Suspension.

a day

300 mgs of Tren Ace. EOD

1200 mgs of Equipoise a week

And he was on several orals, but as a matter of overkill , I left it alone there.

That cycle represents about 5 of my cycles combined, they go to such lengths to get to where they need to go, and most are healthy individuals, so take that into consideration next time someone says you are messing your body up with a meager cycle.

This cycle I just briefly went over, is not even the peak of the mountain, cycles of BBer’s can exceed the above, and some stay below , but all are eye-popping to the average recreational user.

I must admit knowing this does worry me of the health risks they do take but who am I to tell a grown man and a professional how they should treat their body. 

Like in all situations we all have our opinions but in the end all that matters is the end conclusion, it is like the 80 year old man who smoked 2 packs a day for 65 years, and yet it just fine.

I feel that steroids are the lesser of many evils and is called upon to be a scurge that really isn’t , it is a scapegoat for inadequate politicians that have no real issue to back.

So how can you believe in such a politician that takes on such issues when people are starving? The cycles  of giants aren’t killing people daily ( unlike cigarettes, alcohol, opiates, etc ) so the recreational cycles shouldn’t either, as long as proper research is done.

That is the point, why is it so hard for people to understand.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] , thank you.

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