Steroids and Their Trade Off

I have one word to throw at you today, and that is BALANCE! I have been pointing in this direction for a few weeks, so I wanted to just say it. The key to life and success is balance, plain and simply. Knowing this all too well, we have to apply this to all aspects of our life, including steroids.

This could relate to the compounds we use, so we want a good balance of the Big Three ( DHT, NOR, Test Derived), or we could use it in the context how often to cycle ( at least time on = time off). How about the importance of balance within your work out regime, you want to work each part equally and rest each accordingly. Even with our diets we must find the right balance to have good results.

I do believe the world is balanced, so for every perfect day we must endure the day from Hell. I guess my real point is, we as a community need to keep the balance in our own lives to have a chance at a good life. And I believe wholeheartedly that most use steroids to improve their lives. So understand that if your doing something with anabolics half ass-ed, you won’t improve anything except the chance you can hurt yourself. Because I also believe that steroids aren’t bad , morons who do stupid things with them are!!!!!! So please educated yourself and along the way try your hardest to balance yourself ( spiritual, mental and physical) and all else will fall into place.

Dr. Steroids

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