Shopping for Fresh Vegetables

You have every right to demand fresh vegetables when you shop for vegetables because it starts with finding a reliable market you know you can trust. You need to know that they offer the freshest vegetables as possible. That might mean you need to go to a weekly farmers’ market or grocery store that guarantees fresh, local produce, and then do it. It also necessitates that you need to shop around until you find the freshest vegetables.

You’ll even need to talk to the local farmer at the farmer’s market or produce manager at the grocery store to determine if the local vegetables are truly local and when they were picked. Remember don’t compromise your desire to eat fresh vegetables. You must demand it and you’ll get it.

In order to help you pick fresh vegetables, I have decided to start with roots vegetables like beets, carrots, radishes and potatoes. They all grow in rich soil with green, thriving stalks that soak up the elements above the ground.  When you pick out root vegetables that are worth buying and eating at your dinner table, it requires a critical eye and razor sharp sense of what is fresh and what is not.  Of course, you must be awfully picky.

That said, you need to pick up the root vegetable, one at a time, and see if it gives in when picked up. If it does give in, that means that root vegetable is not fresh. One of the best ways to spot a very unhealthy root vegetable is pick one up in your hand.  They literally feel like rubber in your hand and are much discolored. Root vegetables should be solid, all the way through, and feel strong.  You can even request the farmer or produce clerk to cut open a root vegetable. Listen, if the root snaps to the cut, it’s fresh. You can even ask to taste the root vegetables such as carrots and radishes. If they snap with your bite, they are fresh. They should taste good too.

All in all, fresh vegetables are the best eat and are very good for your body.  So, be picky and good hunting.

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