Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet

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Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen debuts as The Green Hornet in theaters and he’s not exactly the type you’d take for an action hero. Actually, he doesn’t seem like the action-type at all.

Usually, comedic actors are the guys who make jokes in action movies but don’t do any stunts. Think Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon movies. People got shot and lots of stuff blew up, but he was just funny.

Rogen isn’t the funny man in The Green Hornet. He IS The Green Hornet. So, how does an overweight actor lose a little weight and get ready to do most of his own stunts in a movie based on a comic book?

He becomes more active and eats better. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that’s all you need. The formula that Seth Rogen used is something anybody can use if they want to increase their physical conditioning.

I’m not saying you’ll be ready to do any stunts or garner a starring role, but you might feel like taking the next step in your fitness journey if you start where Rogen started.

Eat Better

What does “eat better” mean? We have plenty of content on eating here at SteroidsLive (which I recommend you read), but if we’re talking about getting started, what do you do?

First, you have to start avoiding things that everyone already knows aren’t very good for you. A famous dude like Seth Rogen can send a PA or his assistant down to his favorite restaurant everyday to get something that they could then joke about as a “heart attack on a plate” or “death on a stick.” The joke would be funny, but you won’t be laughing if your cholesterol goes through the roof.

Just take that stuff out. Instead of joking about the food while you’re eating it joke about it while you’re eating something else. In fact, make a joke about the salad you got. It’s better for you (and probably a better joke).

Prepare your own lunches before work. Snack on fruits and vegetables. Drink water all day. Your new part time job might be running to the bathroom, but it’s worth it if you’re healthier.

Definitely don’t take a cue from movies or TV. Every time you close the big deal, get a conviction, or thwart some bad guys you can’t run down to your local bar and get wrecked. It looks cute on TV, but it doesn’t work that way.

All the empty calories in alcohol will wipe out all the work you did preparing your own food for the day. That doesn’t preclude you from having a glass of win every now and then, but getting schnockered “just because” isn’t going to cut it. (That’s why they call it a beer belly!)

If you “must” send out for food everyday you’re going to have to be picky. Order something off the menu and make a million changes until you’ve whittled a “heart attack on a stick” down to a decent meal. Stop making excuses and eat better. You can claim less-healthy food is more convenient, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice.

If all else fails you can use a food delivery service. Many are now geared towards healthy eating and prepare really nice (and healthy) meals that can be delivered right to your door. In the end, there’s a way to eat better and you just have to find it.

Get More Active

This is going to sound stupid, but being more active can start anywhere. Again, if you’re a comedian like Seth Rogen and you’re in New York for a show don’t let the limo take you. Walk there from the hotel with a friend (or your bodyguard depending on exactly how famous you are).

If you’re within walking distance of anything, walk there! Don’t hesitate to hit the road in your P.F. Flyers. You might be dreading the trek, but the energy you get from physical activity is worth the work it takes to get somewhere on foot. If walking isn’t in the cards, then buy a bike and ride it everywhere.

Don’t limit yourself to walking or riding to and from work. Walk and bike to and from an leisure activities you have during the week. Take a walk with a colleague during lunch. A walking meeting beats the hell out of sitting in someone’s office!

If you have kids take your weekends to “work out” with them. Find your nearest national park and go for a hike. Get everyone a bike and ride at your nearest bike park.

Take your kids to the playground and jump up on the equipment yourself. Believe me, it can hold you if it holds all those screaming children. Play football with your kids during commercials when you’re watching the game. Set up a net and play basketball with your kids during basketball season.

Notice how getting more active didn’t involve a gym at all? This is the first step that, in combination with eating better, can really change your overall fitness. Plus, if that’s all you have time for then you’ve made a change.

Take The Next Step

Go ahead. Bite the bullet. Join a gym or hire a personal trainer. Of course, a guy like Seth Rogen can hire someone like Harley Pasternak for a good old-fashioned ass-kicking.

If you can’t afford to pay for an ass-kicking in the gym you need to join the gym anyway. If you’re thinking, “What do I do? Just go to the gym, pump iron, and make a fool out of myself?” No, not at all. In fact, I’d find the gym that has the most diverse class schedule. Going to classes is an easy way to “break in” at the gym without being intimidated.

Most gyms will classes on everything from spinning to kickboxing to weights. So, if you don’t have the first idea how to lift weights someone can show you, then you can apply that knowledge on your own later. Now, you’re self-sufficient at the gym, more active, and eating better.  Let’s find you a sidekick!

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