Rational Nutrition

rational nutritionRational diet is a physiologically adequate diet followed by healthy people; this diet is both balanced and diverse in terms of its components. Rational diet should be regarded as one of the most important components of healthy lifestyle and as one of the factors which extend the active period of life. Let us consider the most important principles of rational nutrition.

Human body follows the laws of thermodynamics

The first principle of rational diet is based on thermodynamics, which says that energy consumed should be consistent with the energy used by the body. Unfortunately, in practice this principle is often violated. Energy value of daily nutrition often exceeds the spent energy value due to excessive consumption of high-energy products (bread, fats, sugar). Our body accumulated excessive weight as we age and thus obesity develops, which accelerates emergence of numerous chronic degenerative diseases.

Maximum diversity in foods

Our body should receive about 70 ingredients, in certain amount and ratio, daily. Many of those ingredients are not synthesized by our body and thus are vital for our organism. Optimal supply of those nutrients is possible only under rational nutrition.

Following optimal diet plan

The concept of diet plan implies regularity, multiplicity, and alternation of meals. Diet similarly to the need for nutrients and energy, varies from person to person depending on the age and physical activity.
If you believe that by finding a set of products based on the calories, fat content, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. you can provide your body with sufficient nourishment, then you are deeply mistaken. The combination of products, such that the selected foods turn out healthy, should be the core principle of your diet.

In order to reach this goal you need to take into account the following:

  • Quality and energy value of the foods (the storage method is essential as well);
  • Cooking procedures, which should maintain the flavor, nutritional qualities, as well as the energy value of the foods;
  • Conditions, frequency, and time spent on meals;
  • Quantity and calorie amount of daily food intake;
  • Adjustment of the diet plan during the period of intensive activity.

By following the recommendations on rational diet you can boost the resistance of your organism to different environmental hazards and reduce the number of threats of non-communicable chronic diseases.

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