Protein Overloading Tactics

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Protein Overloading Tactics

Every serious bodybuilder should aim to overload his diet with protein. Commonly, it is recommended to consume 1 gram protein per every pound of body weight daily. This can be easily achieved if you follow the tips below, which will help you efficiently use the protein you consume. Generally speaking, those tips advise to train properly, watch how your body reacts, follow the tips that work for you, and try to overload while not overtraining at the same time.

Have six meals a day

Following this principle you will be able to supply desired amount of nutrients to your body. However, you need not to consume specific amounts of carbohydrates and protein per each meal, but you need to distribute those nutrients through you day such that you can easily follow the chosen meal pattern. In addition, your insulin levels will benefit if you have small and frequent meals through your day.

Have a meal/drink every 2-3 hours

Timing your nutrient consumption wisely can help you boost your gains in terms of time as well as size. Optimally your diet should have high-protein meal before, during, and/or after your workout. By eating your meal before the workout, you will lower the level of protein breakdown during the workout, boost protein and glucose synthesis and storage in the muscles, and also will ensure anabolic hormonal conditions in your body. Another important time to have your meal is before the bedtime. In addition, if bodybuilding is your highest priority, then you may try having protein at night, but make sure to observe if this strategy actually works for your body.

Daily consume about 1/2 ounce of water per every pound of bodyweight

Adequate water consumption can have significant effects on your mass gain if combined with multiple meals, “clean” eating, and proper supplement intake. The process of protein metabolism uses water, thus you should significantly increase your water consumption whenever you are increasing your protein intake. Water is important since it literally flushes cells and acts as an eliminating agent of toxins, which may slow down recovery and growth. Sufficient water consumption is a must for optimal functioning of the immune system. Drink as often as you have a chance, even if you can only have a few ounces each time. Another point is to drink when having meals as well as before and during the training.

Whole foods should be your foundation

Make sure to have sufficient amount of unprocessed and raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Those types of foods are typically digested rather slowly, thus this way you can regulate the amount of nutrients your bloodstream receives. Solid foods also help your digestive system process the extra calories (protein in particular) more effectively and efficiently.

Boost your protein intake with the help of protein supplements

By taking protein supplements you can get the needed protein and expect the highest anabolic response from your body. Surely, you will need to eat raw foods frequently, but those supplements assist you at overloading your body with protein.

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