Protein in Bodybuilder’s Diet

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Protein in Bodybuilder’s Diet

Protein is essential for recovering and building up muscle tissues. Amino acids, provided by proteins, form building blocks for all cells in our body. Our internal organs, hair, immune system and all other systems in the body can’t exist without proteins. Bodybuilders have to get as many proteins as it’s needed for both supporting body functions and muscle recovering after workouts.

Daily protein intake for bodybuilders has been discussed among sports doctors for many years. Many bodybuilders stick to the following formula: 2.5-3 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight. If you have less, the processes for recovery and muscle building will slow down, while taking more proteins simply doesn’t make sense.

Keep in mind that the energy from proteins should make 30-40% of daily calorie intake. In the example above, male athlete weighing 90 kg who takes in 2 600 calories daily should have 215 g proteins each day that will provide about 33% of calories. Try to have equal portions of proteins per each meal. If a man weighing 90 kg has six meals per day, he should take in 30-40 g proteins per each meal.

Below is the list of foods rich in proteins:

  • turkey,
  • chicken,
  • white fish,
  • lean red meat,
  • egg whites.

Of course, a wide range of protein mixtures and cocktails are also a good source of proteins.

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