Pre-workout Supplement Popularity

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Pre-workout Supplement

Pre-workout Supplement Popularity

The big craze in the supplement industry in recent years has been the popularity of pre-workout supplements. Ever since the release of No-Xplode, one of the most popular pre-workout supplements, it seems each supplement manufacturer has created their own form of a pump-delivering, energy intensifying, focus enhancing pre-workout supplement. BSN’s No-Xpolode is a supplement containing creatine, nitric oxide and a bunch of caffeine, designed to intensify the users workouts. People loved getting some much-needed intensity in the weight room. No-Xplode became one of the top selling supplements on the market.

Shortly after, competitors started jumping on the bandwagon and made their own versions of the very popular No-Xplode. Some common ingredients found in pre-workout supplements include:

Caffeine – This is why some people say you might as well drink a cup of coffee before heading to the gym rather than spending the dough on a new pre-workout supplement. Pre-workouts will typically come packed with up to 100mg+ of caffeine. Caffeine is what really delivers the feeling of increased energy and mental focus that so many people are looking for.

AAKG/Arginine/Nitric Oxide – This is what gives you the “pump” that some products tout. This compound helps dilate arteries, helping increase blood flow, making your muscles feel fuller and look bigger.

BCAAs/EAAs – Branch Chain Amino Acids and Essential Amino Acids help start the recovery process immediately after the muscle is exercised.

Creatine – This has been around for years, and helps supply the muscles with more fuel at the gym.
The most common side effect of taking a pre-workout is stomach discomfort. Since you need to chug a up to 20 ounces of an often-times sour tasting mixture, you may have a little bit of an upset stomach when you head into the gym. Furthermore, some people are very sensitive to stimulants, and may get gas, bloating or frequent bowel movements while taking some products. Experiencing these types of side-effects are not usually a threat to your health, but may hinder your performance at the gym. If one product gives you undesirable side effects, try decreasing the dosage or switching to a different product.

Some of the most popular pre-workout supplements include: No-Xplode by BSN, Jack3d by USP Labs (personal favorite), naNO Vapor by MuscleTech, and Black Powder by MRI.

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