NFL Week 14 Picks and Predictions

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NFL Week 14 Picks and Predictions

Coach Potato Blitz: Week 14 Predictions

Week 14 marks the final quarter of the NFL season. Mathematically, all of the divisions are still subject to change depending on the final four weeks, so I’m titling this week, “The Road Win Frenzy.” I have selected 11 road teams to be victorious this weekend.

My strong suit this season has been picking the winners of the toughest games, though last week I was 1 of 4. I’m confident that won’t happen again. I got the Cowboys right, but missed with the selections of the Buccaneers, Ravens, and Jets. However, Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans – Five weeks ago I would have foreshadowed this game to decide the division. During that five week period we’ve seen Vince Young throw a child-like tantrum, get injured for the season, and be banned from team activities by his head coach. On the other side of the ball, the league’s most predictable QB, Peyton Manning, has uncharacteristically turned into an INT machine. Manning has thrown 11 INTs in his last three games – 4 have been returned for TDs in the last two games. With the Titans in disarray and the Colts needing this for any shot at the division, I will take Indianapolis.

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills – For two teams with losing records, this game isn’t as bad as some on the week 14 schedule. The Browns have hung in there with some of the league’s best teams. They have also gotten surprising play from rookie QB, Colt McCoy, and leaned heavily on RB, Peyton Hillis. The Bills have only come out on top of two games this year, but suffered some bad bounces against the elite teams. On Sunday I like the Browns and a surprisingly solid defense – the Browns defense is 12th in points per game allowed, Bills are 29th.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions – The Lions got the short end of the stick for the second time this season against the Bears last weekend. Ndamukong Suh was called for a roughing the passer penalty that set up the Bears winning TD. The Packers took care of business against a struggling 49ers team. Green Bay has a great chance to catch the Bears still, but needs to take care of road games against young, hungry teams like the Lions. I believe Aaron Rodgers and company will have a big day for the win.

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings – Leslie Frazier has done a nice job in his first two games as a NFL head coach and has yet to taste defeat. That will change this weekend when the Giants come to town. The Giants have a great deal to play for and the Vikings are playing to basically avoid a losing season. Also, Brett Favre tries to extend his consecutive games started streak with another injury he suffered in last week’s game – this time it’s a strained shoulder. I don’t think Favre will make it out alive with the intense pass-rush of the Giants.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Hut, Hut… Hut! The Bengals just jumped off sides. Last week a Bengal’s defensive lineman fell for the oldest trick in the book, a Drew Brees hard-count on 4th-and-3 inside the 10-yard line with less than a minute to play. The next play resulted in a Brees to Marques Colston TD to win the game. This has been the Bengals’ MO all season; no team has shot themselves in the foot more than Cincinnati. However, I almost picked the Bengals based on their hate for the Steelers, numerous injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, and post big-game let down by the Steelers. That is when I remembered the Steelers are playing the Bengals and even if the Steelers wanted Cincinnati to win it couldn’t happen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins – The Washington Redskins are so dysfunctional this season they need to have a sit-down with Maury. The Buccaneers have continued to improve all season and almost beat the 10-2 Falcons for the second time this year. Josh Freeman has to continue to progress and the defense has to stay aggressive for this team to grab one of the final wild card spots. I think the Bucs will feed off of the confidence of their young coach, Raheem Morris, and get back on track with a win over Washington.

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers – Falcons head coach, Mike Smith, has become the NFC South’s new John Fox. This game won’t be close, although it has become somewhat of a rivalry over the past seasons. The biggest reason it won’t be close is the Falcons have one guy at the most important position, Matt Ryan, and the Panthers have too many guys that are barely back-ups at the QB position.

Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars – If you would have told me before the season started this game would have playoff implications I would have thought you were a soccer fan. The Raiders went into San Diego and handed Philip Rivers his first loss as a starter in December. The Jaguars have a one game lead over the Colts for the AFC South and still have one to play with Indianapolis. I have decided to take the Raiders based on defense and the slightly better running game.

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers – Here is the funny thing about this game, if the Niners win at home and the Rams lose in New Orleans, they will sit one game back of the Seahawks and Rams for the division lead with three games to play. I don’t think the Seahawks will delay the season being over for the 49ers any further. Although it won’t be convincing, it will be a victory for the Seahawks.

St. Louis Rams @ New Orleans Saints – I really want the Rams to win, but I don’t think they are ready for this kind of a meaningful road game yet. The Saints still have aspirations of possibly winning the division and are playing some of their best football right now. While the Rams have a ROY candidate (Sam Bradford), the Saints have a MVP candidate (Drew Brees).

New England Patriots @ Chicago Bears – I have picked against both of these teams in most of their big games this season. So this week I am picking the one I feel has screwed me more in my picks. The Patriots are coming off a route of the Jets and the Bears robbed the Lions of another win. Tom Brady has emerged as the MVP front-runner, but Jay Cutler won’t be far behind with a win on Sunday. I like the speed of the Bears defense and their ability to force the timely turnover.

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets – The Dolphins are 6-6 overall, but 5-1 on the road. Congratulations Jets, you just played the best home team in the league and now you get the best road team in the Meadowlands. Chad Henne has been awful at times this season and cost his team several games with poor decisions. The Dolphins have relied on defense, but I think the Jets defense will be the unit leaving their stamp on this game. They have to save some face after the terrible performance against the Pats on MNF.

Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals – I asked a friend what it would take for him to watch this game and he responded, “$100 and a case of beer.” I feel the same way. This has to be the most unwatchable game in week 14.  The Cardinals have nothing going for them and Larry Fitzgerald seems to be suffering from withdrawals with the lack of options at the QB position. The Broncos fired Josh McDaniels and they seem to be in complete meltdown mode after only scoring 6 points against the Chiefs. I had to choose one and I didn’t want to select a tie. The coin toss landed on Broncos. The only way I will watch this game is if the Broncos put in Tim Tebow.

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers – This is it Chargers fans. If you don’t win this week, your season is done. The Chiefs have built a two game lead in the AFC West and won the first meeting between the two earlier in the season. I want to pick the Chiefs, but I can’t believe they would have the division sealed up with three weeks to play. The Chargers make no sense to the logical fan – Ranked No. 1 in total defense and No. 2 in total offense. You can blame bad bounces or special teams, but I blame Norv Turner.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys – This game will be a lot closer than the records indicate. Many of us thought headed into the season that these records would be reversed. The Eagles were going to start an unproven QB, Kevin Kolb, and back him up with a guy who missed two years because of a prison stint (Michael Vick). Well, apparently a couple years in the joint can awaken any man to realize his full potential and start applying himself. Vick has been my MVP this season and I believe will only further that point on SNF.

Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans – It is safe to say that the Texans don’t have anyone closely resembling Troy Polamalu on their defense. The Ravens lost last Monday for two reasons: 1) Poor play call late in game, and 2) Polamalu is the Steelers MVP. I tend to pick defense over offense in this league, especially when the Ravens are lead by the best LB of my generation, Ray Lewis. Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson may come out swinging on offense, but the Ravens will land the last blow. This loss will only add fuel to the firing of Texans head coach, Gary Kubiak.

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the “CPB” picks and predictions. Don’t forget to come back next week for my latest picks and football news, and be sure to check out the fantasy edition of week 14 Start’em and Sit’em.

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