NFL: Coaches, Trade Rumors, and Tragedy

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NFL: Coaches, Trade Rumors, and Tragedy

All of the major networks seem to be over covering the remaining four teams in the NFL Playoffs. So much so to the point that they have already started doing Super Bowl coverage and we don’t even know who the teams are yet.

I will however give you my projected winners for this weekends action, Colts and Saints will emerge victorious. You can read in depth coverage on the Championship Games happening this weekend from General Patton on

How about the other 28 teams in the NFL, lets speculate, predict, and overly judge some of those teams who will be watching the games with us.

The Chicago Bears suffered a tragic loss with the passing of NFL defensive end Gains Adams, could this have been prevented?

Head Coaches or Coordinators

This past week the Buffalo Bills signed Chan Gailey as their new head coach. “Congratulations Mr. Gailey, you got one of the most undesirable jobs in professional football.” The Bills play in one of the toughest conferences and I don’t see him having much success with that organization.

The San Diego Chargers resigned Norv Turner to a three year extension after getting upset at home by the over achieving New York Jets. Marty Schottenheimer was let go after having a similar season by GM AJ Smith. Apparently the Chargers enjoyed the choke job Turner gave them, opposed to Schottenheimer’s.

So called “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys kept their head coach after losing to the Vikings in embarrassing fashion. Wade Phillips will be back next season and will have to prove that he can go one step farther next year and lose in the NFC Championship game.

What do all three of these coaches have in common? Good coordinators, mediocre head coaches that have coached good teams and delivered very little success.

I believe that if the NFL wasn’t approaching an uncapped season that these teams may have explored more options.

Rumors of NFL Leftovers

Brandon Marshall’s talent level puts him in a category with Texans WR Andre Johnson and Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. Marshall’s personality and temper puts him in a category with Bills WR Terrell Owens and Patriots WR Randy Moss.

Texans and Cardinal GM’s would sell their first born to retain their star WR and yet the Broncos organization is rumored to be looking for trade offers for Marshall. Clearly Marshall has personal problems from team issues to domestic violence chargers, which is why I don’t blame the Broncos for not wanting him, I wouldn’t either.

NFL Draft mock specialist Me Kiper Jr has Sam Bradford going number four overall to the Washington Redskins. Bradford is like fine china, it looks nice but it’s not durable enough to be my every day use.

As for the Redskins current QB, Jason Campbell, is a guy that could be on the move. Looking around the NFL there is no good fit to be guaranteed the starting position, but there is bad one, head west to the Oakland Raiders.

During the season I heard rumors of the Bills being interested in QB Michael Vick. Vick who definitely wants to compete for a starting job most likely could win the starting position. Newly acquired coach Chan Gailey has been rumored to express interest in Vick.

Can T.O. and Vick coexist? Vick not known as the greatest passer could cause problems but they could just get rid of Owens. Other problems preventing success are questionable offensive line play, Gailey’s new offensive system, and playing in the AFC East.

Gaines Adams Life Prematurely Sacked

Derrick Brooks of ESPN’s First Take described Adams as a “humble” and “respectful” man.

Adams was the 4th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, and up until his recent passing much was to be made of whether or not he was bust. Brooks gives us two perfect examples of how this football player, but more importantly a man should be remembered.

There are reports that a member of the family wants to take legal actions against the Bears organization. After a second coroner’s autopsy report no preliminary evidence was obtained that suggests the Bears were negligent.

I am a tremendously huge sports fan and sometimes cross the line with my fandom, but stories like this one put into perspective that it’s just a game. Sports are the world’s greatest distraction from life and how fragile it can be.

Gaines Adams was 26 years old when he passed away on January 17, from an enlarged heart.

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