How To Make Her Comfortable at Your Place

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How To Make Her Comfortable at Your Place

Going from dating to “being an item” can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. You and your new woman are still exploring and getting to know each other and are spending more time together. Ironing out who’s staying where and when becomes an issue if you are not completely comfortable with staying at each other’s houses.

She might not like sitting on top of the old laundry on your couch or having to wash a fork that’s been in the sink for weeks in order to eat some food. Conversely, you might be too afraid to use anything in her home because it’s too tidy and clean for your tastes. If you’d like her to spend more time at your place, make some adjustments so she can be comfortable. Today I’ve got some key suggestions for you.

Clean Your Room

Who hasn’t had their mom run after them to clean their room when guests are coming over? This is the first place you should start if you want your woman to feel at home when she sleeps over. Make sure your clothes are put away, you have an extra pillow, and ensure your bed is clean and actually made. You might even vacuum if you get the chance. Remember that as long as she feels like she can relax in your room, she’ll want to spend more time there.

If you have roommates who share the house with you then your room will be the only place you two can have some alone time. Try to keep that in mind when you’re slaving over putting clean laundry away and organizing piles of old receipts and papers left on the floor.

Clean Your Bathroom…Regularly

This isn’t to say that all men are messy, but living like a bachelor is quite different than sharing a home with someone. Unless your mom drilled cleanliness into you as a child, chances are cleaning the bathroom is the last thing on your to-do list.

As a woman, staying overnight at a man’s house can have its set of hardships when the bathroom isn’t clean. Not only is it unsanitary but falling into a dirty toilet with the seat up can easily ruin her memory of the gourmet meal you cooked a few seconds ago.

If you know she’s coming over, take ten minutes to clean the toilet, sink and shower — you can even use antibacterial wipes if you don’t want to break out the bleach and a bucket. Just make sure it’s tidy enough so she feels comfortable using it.

If you’d really like her to feel at home, buy an extra toothbrush and have a clean towel ready for her to shower with when she comes over. Create some space in the medicine cabinet or a drawer for her special things such as face wash, moisturizer, contact solution, etc. Not only will this make her feel at ease but it will definitely score you some brownie points!

Have Some Toilet Paper

Going along with the bathroom, please, please, please have some toilet paper. Women absolutely need it and it is such a drag when there isn’t any. Having to rush to the toilet and then halfway through glancing down and seeing that cardboard part of the roll is beyond disappointing.

Not only does it show carelessness but if it’s that time of the month, there’s no telling how furious she might get. To provide a larger perspective, an article on reveals that the average American uses over 100 single rolls—about 21,000 sheets—of toilet paper each year.

Just because you might not use that much doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. Grab a four-roll bag of toilet paper if you knows she’s coming over and make sure to replace the roll before her visit. Embarrassment for both parties can be avoided if she doesn’t have to scream out, “Do you have any more toilet paper? No? How about paper towels? Napkins? Newspaper?”

Extra Credit: Step it up a notch and buy some wet wipes. This is not only beneficial for her but for anybody who uses your restroom.

Have Some Food in the Fridge or Some Snacks

Take out is great — there’s Chinese, Thai, Mexican, American and usually you can order late into the evening. However, when she wakes up before you, is hungry, and makes her way to the refrigerator and sees nothing but leftover Domino’s Pizza for breakfast, it’s a let down. There are only so many times you can have cold pizza in the mornings. If you know she’s coming over, along with the toilet paper, grab some snacks, drinks and a few breakfast items.

If she’s up before you and sees there’s food, she might even whip you up some eggs and bacon for breakfast. If she’s a coffee person, she will for sure appreciate you having some in stock if you both had a late night and she has to work early the next day. Buying fruit, juice, water, and some healthy snacks like granola bars or nuts will make her feel extremely at home in your place. It will also show her that you’re thinking ahead and aware of the little things that can make a difference when you’re in a relationship.

Remove the Ghosts of Ex-Girlfriends Past

If you have kids, it’s obvious you’re not with your baby’s mama but she might still be a big part of your life. Having pictures of her or any other ex-girlfriends around the house might make your girl feel uncomfortable. If there’s a photo of your kids and your ex from the first day of kindergarten, definitely leave that up because it’s a special moment highlighting your child.

However, having a bikini-clad picture of your ex and you three years ago in Hawaii might make for an awkward atmosphere and your girlfriend may not feel like the special one in your life. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine how you would feel if you slept over her house and on her coffee table was a picture of her and her ex kissing at the top of the Eiffel Tower two years ago on Valentine’s Day.

Make Some Closet Space

If she stays over during the week or weekend, she might have to bring work clothes with her for the next day. Instead of her lugging around an overnight bag, make some room in your closet so she can store her extra stuff there. Chances are you’ll probably have the extra space but you have to designate it for her so she knows she welcomed to use it. Having all of the essentials at your place will make it easier for her to spend more time with you. It will also make her less stressed out because she won’t have to go back and forth from her place to yours trying to carry everything all at the same time.

It’s the Little Things

It might seem like these adjustments are a pain, but the effort you put into making her feel comfortable at your house will make her want to stay over more often. Taking care of these issues early will prevent a ton of arguments and misunderstandings later on, especially if you two eventually move in together.

Thinking ahead and being prepared will make both of your lives easier. She’ll be able to spend more time enjoying and having fun with you and not have to worry about having the right clothes for work or stopping at a drug store for a toothbrush. That’s a win-win!

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