How to Impress a Woman

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How to Impress a Woman

woman man sexNo matter if you’d like to make a positive first impression on a woman, or to seduce her on your first date, or just to do something pleasant for you girlfriend, you need to know, what to do. Here’s a list of things every woman would like you to do. Depending on the situation and her personality choose the way to please her using the tips mentioned below. Following these tips will make you a real hero in her eyes. Wondering, why you should do this? Because if you please her, she’ll satisfy you as well and will not give you any trouble.

Show Interest

Women like it, when others are interested in their hobbies, especially their boyfriends. Ask about her wishes. When suggesting going out, don’t forget to ask her, where she would like to go. But always have an alternative just in case. If you bring her to a place she doesn’t like, you’re not going to get a lot from her.

If you ask about her wishes at a certain moment, this will be polite and will be appreciated by her. She will see, you’re interested in her and are not an egoist – you think not only about yourself, but in the first place about her wishes. Women like, when men behave like gentlemen. Such behavior of you will make her relax and feel safe with you, it will convince her, that she can trust you. If the woman trusts you, this is already half the work.

Eye Contact

Don’t forget to look a woman in the eyes, when speaking to her. Otherwise, in case it’s your girlfriend or wife, she’s going to suspect you in concealing something. Or, in case, it’s your first date, the girl can feel, you’re not interested in her – and this can push her away as well.


When you give a smile to her, you demonstrate, that you feel good. Make her sure, that you enjoy being with her with a sincere smile. This makes women confident, and they get ready more easily for more.

Be Funny

Make her smile, when you’re together – tell her some funny stories, for instance. If she has more positive emotions, when being with you, she likes you more.

Tell Her She Looks Good

Before a woman goes out, she spends a particular time on making up her appearance. She tries to look good. Imagine, you’re working out in the gym 4 times a week, your muscles grow fast, you look so huge, but nobody notices it – how would you feel? Women feel absolutely the same, when nobody notices, how good they look. Show her, you appreciate her efforts with a smile on your face, adoration in the eyes and a tender word about her fantastic appearance.

Talk to Her

This sounds primitive, but in reality lots of men don’t talk a lot to their girlfriends, even if they live together. In general, men speak less, than women. Talking is almost a physical, essential need of women. Satisfy this need – this will make her feel happy. And when your woman is happy, she’s ready to make you happy too.

Listen to her

Even if you’re absolutely not interested in the topic of the conversation (makeup, garments, her friend’s problems), say or do something showing you are – nod from time to time, ask questions and so on. And don’t forget to look her in the eyes, as already mentioned. If you look at something else, while she’s telling you something, you show indifference and push her away.

Remember the Anniversary

Most women remember the first day you met, kissed, had sex and so on. You not? Never tell her. Note all these dates in you phone and never have problems with it. She will appreciate it, as this demonstrates, you value her and the time you spent together.

Make Sure She Has Orgasm Every Time

If you’re already together and have regular (or not) sex, there’s one thing you must do. Every time you are together in bed make sure, that she’s satisfied as well as you. Lots of women lose interest in sex, because their sexual partners behave like egoists. Make her like sex by giving here orgasms every time, and you will get it more often.

Satisfy Her

Try to satisfy her every time you can. Here is meant not only sex, but also your everyday life. Or, at least, demonstrate you do your best for it. The logic is very simple: if she’s happy, she never gives you troubles and, vice versa, an unsatisfied (in all senses) woman behaves nervously and is always ready to conflict, even sometimes without understanding the reason herself.

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