How To Be Healthier When Your Out

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How To Be Healthier When Your Out

I’m guessing that a lot of us here like to go out, and enjoy our bodies. Sometimes when I’m out though, I get this feeling of, ‘Oh, what the hell, I’ve taken the time to go out, I might aswell just go all out’. That’s a bad, bad mentality. Not only is it detrimental to my own body, but it also leads to bad habits.

I’m not saying you have to be perfect. Far, far from it. In fact, what I’m trying to say is this – compromise. By compromising, you do get to enjoy yourself, maybe not quite as much, but you are not causing your body so much damage.

But, before I begin on this, there is one golden rule that anyone who is serious about muscle should follow –


I will admit, I’m no saint when it comes to drinking, however, alcohol contains a disgustingly high amount of calories. 150 calories in a single bottle of beer really is ridiculous, when it reality it takes you at least 6 beers to get drunk, so a mininum of 900 calories, just to get drunk.That’s just plain ludicrous.

Stick to the golden rule at all times.


At The Cinema –

Make sure you don’t eat any popcorn! Salted popcorn is the worst. It contains an extremely high amount of fat, with around 45g of fat in every 100g of popcorn. If it essential that you eat popcorn, opt for the sweet kind, as, even though it is still really unhealthy for you, it contains 20g of fat in every 100g of popcorn.

To be truly saint-like whilst watching a film, go for the wine gums or fruit pastilles instead.

At The Restaurant –

Observe the menu carefully. Try to read closely as to how the food is cooked. Is the steak grilled or fried? Are the vegetables boiled or steamed? If possible, request that your vegetables be steamed, and served without butter, and if you are going to get a coffee, make sure it has no cream. If your going to opt for a soft drink, ensure that it is diet.

At The Curry House –

Currys in general are very unhealthy for you, but if you really want one, at least make sure you don’t get any naan bread. Naan bread is not only a carbohydrate, but is liberally soaked with oil, and with 560 calories per naan, and about 20g of fat total, it really isn’t a great choice. Pilau rice isn’t too great for you either, and the best option would definitely be the standard white rice.

At The Pizza Place-

Forget about a starter – garlic breads contain the equivilant of around a tablespoon of butter, and all the fat and calories that come with it. Make sure you get a pizza that isn’t just topped with meats, but also with vegetables. When your pizza arrives, blot it with paper towels to remove the surface oil, and save yourself around 4.5g of fat a slice.

At The Chinese Take Out-

Leave the last half-inch of your food in the contain, and dispose of it. All of the fat that was in the meal originally gets shaken down to the bottom during transport, making the last bits of the food extremely high in fat. By leaving the last half-inch, you not only get the majority of the meat and vegetables, but you also avoid the bad parts.

At The Kebab Place-

Opt for the Chicken Shish Kebab instead of your traditional Doner kebab. It only contains 10g of fat in comparison to Doner’s 50g of fat.

At The Burger Bar –

Make sure your burger is grilled, and comes with salad. Leave out the mayonnaise, and the burger only really contains around 12g of fat.


Those are just a few techniques that you can apply when out and about with your friends and colleagues.

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