Four Things a Man Should Never Tell a Woman

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Four Things a Man Should Never Tell a Woman

If you read the article “Is it that time of the month or something?”

Some women are lucky if they don’t experience any PMS symptoms before that time of the month, but symptoms such as irritability, headache, cramps, fatigue, bloating, emotional sensitivity and tons more can affect women before and during that time of the month. If you’ve found that the woman in your life gets offended when you ask her if it’s that time of the month, consider how much she might have to go through when it is that time.

Imagine if you were this star football player and for only two weeks out of the month you were able to perform at your very best. The other two weeks, you felt achy, your abdomen hurt, and you couldn’t understand why every little thing bothered you. Sometimes, the pain was so bad that you had to stay home in bed. Then, your coach and all of your teammates are asking you why you’re in such a bad mood — “Is it that time of the month?”

Honestly, it’s annoying to hear someone ask this, especially when there is this stigma attached to it. Again, if she is extremely upset about something or in a bad mood, ask her what’s wrong. It could be that it’s that time of the month, she feels fat AND yesterday you said she was acting just like her mother.

Endless Complaints

“You complain about everything!”

I’m not going to lie and say that I have never heard this before but I will tell you this: lack of communication and initiative are the BIGGEST reasons why it seems like woman are always complaining…and I don’t mean lack of communication or initiative on our part!

A culmination of factors contributes to our complaints. Maybe it’s a messy house, laundry unfolded, unfinished projects, problems at work, finances, that time of the month, family issues  — the possibilities are numerous.

The point is if you think she is complaining too much, try listening and attempting to solve some of the issues she may be complaining about. If it’s a messy house and both of you work full-time, it’s hard to tackle housework. Divide up the duties and create a schedule as to who does what and when.

If it’s problems at work and she’s always complaining, maybe you can lend an ear to her and weigh the pros and cons of her staying at that job. However, saying to her, “You complain about everything” is just going to alienate her and make her think that you’re generalizing and not interested in what’s on her mind.

If after reading this, you still think “everything” is the best way to describe it—try narrowing it down and saying, “I’ve noticed that you’re frustrated with such and such issues. Why is that and what can I do to help?”

You’ll find that this approach may help her feel like she can rely on you to be there for her.

Never Is a Promise

“Never” is a strong word and, being human, we cannot guarantee that we’ll never do something. But from a female’s perspective, if men become aware of certain things they say that women may find offensive or hurtful, it can help them understand more about how we react.

Be aware of your tendency to say things that set her off, then determine to not say them in that way any longer. You’d be surprised what a small change in word choice or tone will do to improve your relationship!

Communication and patience are the real pieces to the puzzle, and looking at the big picture will help all of us recognize better ways to manage our conflicts.

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