Fit Motherhood Day 43: Digging Deep

We had some changes in life over the last two weeks, but not such big changes on the scale. I’m surprisingly OK with that, given how busy life has been. I started Rolfing, changed gyms, and took a more moderate approach to my weight loss efforts.

New Digs

I joined a different gym, and the class menu is exciting. There are almost 70 classes per week, giving me zero excuses to skip.

The childcare area is lovely, though the new baby has to be three months old before she’s allowed to go. Given that we’re heading into cold and flu season, I have no problem with that. I still go in the evenings when my husband comes home.

After Christmas I’ll be able to take all of the kids, and I’m hoping to go three mornings and five nights per week. It should be interesting wrangling four kids to the gym, plus getting homeschooling in along with work and the rest of my obligations, but I’ll manage.

I took a yoga class for the first time in months, and I have to say it was difficult. My balance is great, but my strength and flexibility leave something to be desired. It’s particularly sad when the instructor praises you on your hand position and gaze in Warrior. I mean really, is THAT the only thing I was doing well?

I forgot how difficult step can be when you’re accustomed to the cues and routines of a different instructor. I hadn’t taken any step classes for 18 months, and looked a little behind the whole time. Adding insult to injury, I got there right as class was starting and ended up with the dreaded spot in the middle right behind the instructor. The things we do for fitness!

A Different Kind of Digs

A few weeks ago we presented an article on Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration. I was so intrigued by the idea of healing my hip flexors that I called a Rolfer in my area and made an appointment.

Since there are only three Rolfers within 50 miles of my metro area, I picked the closest one (the rates were all the same per session). He was so busy that it took almost two weeks to get in, but it was worth it.

My first session was long, more than three hours. We started with a chat about my expectations and goals, as well as a health history and some history on Rolfing. That lasted about 45 minutes, then we started the physical assessment.

I told Mike that my hip flexors cause me significant pain, and I have pretty constant pain in my upper and middle back.

I was asked to strip down to underwear (I opted to wear a racerback sports bra and 3” inseam gym shorts). I was to stand facing him, then away, then was asked to walk around the room.

He noted that the left side of my pelvis was more forward than the right (known as pelvic torsion) and got to work. You may have heard that Rolfing is painful, and it can be. On the whole, however, it was gentle. He worked with my breathing when exerting more pressure, and we had alternating periods of chatting and silence.

Rolfing is nothing like any deep tissue massage I’ve ever had. First of all, I was on my back and side the whole time, not on my tummy at all. Second, sometimes the pressure was so light I was hardly aware he was working.

I was asked to get up and walk several times during the session and allow him to see changes. Mike also asked what I could feel. When he was done working, he gave me movement homework to practice awareness of my body in balance. That helps me to know when I’m holding unnecessary tension in my body, specifically in the areas that cause me pain.

The Numbers

  • Previous weight: 190.6 pounds
  • Current weight: 189.4 pounds
  • Change in pounds: -1.2 pounds
  • Beginning weight: 224 pounds
  • Stretch goal: 124 pounds (100 pounds total)
  • Percent to goal: 34.6%
  • Bust: 41″ (±0″)
  • Waist: 39″ (±0″)
  • Hips: 47.5″ (±0″)

From the baby’s birth eight weeks ago, I’ve lost almost 35 pounds. It doesn’t seem like enough to me, but I can’t deny a bit of progress. I’m trying to be a kinder and gentler to myself, so I’m taking this as part of that learning process. It is what it is.

What’s Next

The holidays are here! We spent Thanksgiving in Ohio with my extended family, but that’s the extent of holiday travel for us. I’m happy to be home and back into our routine for a few weeks before Christmas madness hits.

Between now and Christmas, my goal is to lose five pounds. It’s a smaller goal than I‘d usually attempt, but we’ll be attending holiday parties and spending a week at Disney World in addition to our usual busy schedule. Five is reasonable and may even be a stretch.

Our resort at WDW doesn’t have a fitness center, so I’ll have to rely on the copious walking for cardio and holding my baby for strength training. If you’ve ever been to the happiest place on earth, you know that it should suffice!

Goal setting is different this time around. The weight isn’t falling off willy nilly like it did two years ago, and I’m really trying to be gentler with myself, even if it takes longer. I’m not especially happy about it, but I have to accept that my body just doesn’t do exactly what I want when I want all of the time. We’ll get there!

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