Extramarital Affairs Destroy the Brain

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Extramarital Affairs Destroy the Brain

extramarital affairAre you cheating? If so, you are jeopardizing not only your marriage but also your health. Hiding a secret love affair may leads to stress and anxiety because of having to lie to the spouse all along. Having a secret lover may trigger migraines, resulting in aneurysm (bulge in brain blood vessels) with the increased risk of death, – Italian scientists claim.

Neurologist Lorenzo Pinessi, president of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches, delivered his findings at the opening of the International Conference in Turin. The study involved people suffering from migraines. The experiments showed that volunteers with severe headaches were engaged in extramarital affairs.

“We found men are more prone to this disease that is related to stress and higher blood pressure”, he told at the conference. According to Pinessi, men feel greater guilt of being unfaithful than it seems, which contributes to stress and anxiety. So Dr Pinessi advises unfaithful spouses “to take time-out from the affair and have a brain scan”.

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