Enzymes in Bodybuilding

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Enzymes in Bodybuilding

Enriching your diet with enzymes may result in positive effect on muscle-building. Traditionally, enzymes are known as digestive supplements. But recent studies showed that they play significant role in recovery after high-intensity workouts. Enzymes are catalytically active proteins that speed up metabolism. Before carbohydrates and proteins are used for muscle development, enzymes must break them down into smaller molecules for better absorption.

3 Classes of Enzymes

There are three major classes of enzymes which break down the components of food:

  • amylase enzymes break down carbohydrates;
  • lipase enzymes break down fats;
  • protease enzymes – proteins.

Although these enzymes occur naturally in our body, they can be provided by some of the food products and dietary supplements. Bodybuilders resort to enzyme supplementation to support their digestive system in absorbing massive amounts of food they consume for muscular growth.

Why Bodybuilders Need More Enzymes

As bodybuilders need a good deal more protein than other athletes, it is essential for them to increase the intake of enzyme supplements because proteases are the most important class of enzymes our body requires.

How Proteases Effect the Body

Proteases increase the absorption of amino acids, getting into the bloodstream themselves. According to the studies, these enzymes survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Not being digested and absorbed by the intestine, proteases enter the bloodstream to acquire a new function of enhancing muscular development.

Where to Find Enzymes

Make sure to choose the formula comprising several types of enzymes:

  • trypsin,
  • pepsin,
  • pancreatic enzymes,
  • bromelain,
  • papain.

Bromelain can be obtained from fresh pineapple, papain – from papaya. Some of the supplements may contain lipase and amylase which assist in the breakdown of carbs and fats.

Protein Supplements Containing Enzymes

Manufacturers are also offering protein powders which provide protease enzymes. Pick the protein supplements labeled Aminogen® – a patented blend of digestive proteases included in protein supplements.

Additional intake of 200-500 mg of protease enzymes before and after your workout aids in recovery, boosts protein that flows into the blood, accelerates muscle recovery, and reduces post-workout pain.

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