Dumbbell Front Raise Is the Best Deltoid Exercise

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Dumbbell Front Raise Is the Best Deltoid Exercise

bodybuilderDumbbell front raise is a very effective deltoid exercise. It is crucial exercise for every bodybuilder. It works anterior deltoid head and “shapes” upper chest muscles together with front deltoids. As far as other sports are concerned, gymnasts, swimmers, volleyball and basketball players as well as tennis and badminton players need well-developed anterior deltoids.

Proper Dumbbell Front Raise Technique

Use the following tips to perform the exercise correctly and most efficient.

  • Grab dumbbells and stand with your back straight. Hold the dumbbells across the thighs.
  • Your grip may be straight (with arms along your body) or neutral when you hold dumbbells in front of legs.
  • Inhale, hold the breath and start raising dumbbells up, keeping elbows fixed.
  • The movement amplitude is short, so you need to use enough weighs to provide sufficient intensity. At the same time, never jerk the dumbbells up as you start, helping yourself with forceful body movement.
  • Don’t raise arms higher than top of shoulders.
  • Exhale at the upper point and return to starting position in a slow controlled motion.
  • Make a brief pause before another rep.

Essential Tips When Performing Dumbbell Front Raise

  • Neutral grip provides higher intensity. The exercise also becomes more intensive if you raise arms higher than shoulders, but, of course, it doesn’t mean you have to raise dumbbells above your head.
  • The first half of exercise works mostly chest muscles. As you perform the second half, front and middle deltoids do almost all the job.
  • If you try to use palms-up grip, middle deltoids will get more involved.
  • If you raise dumbbells vertically, you’ll also be working trapeze muscles.

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