Balancing the NFL and Female Quality Time

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Balancing the NFL and Female Quality Time

For many American men, Shaharoh gives the advice that if the woman desperately wants to share that experience with her man to take up interest in the game.  That is fine, but if you choose to follow that advice, you have to go all-in.

There is nothing worse than watching a game with a woman and she keeps making annoying references to pop culture trash he cares nothing about – this is his time and you want to be apart of it.  When a woman constantly says stuff like: “I can’t believe that Reggie and Kim broke up” or “Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo made such a cute couple,” that your man is trying to figure out how to cancel you from the equation.

Learn the basic rules of the game and understand when things are going good or bad without having to read his negative or positive body language.  In fact, your time spent will benefit too as you become engaged with what is going on.

Find out why he loves this sport or team so much. Ask who his favorite players are and why he thinks so highly of them – men love to talk about sports.

If you’re faking interest just to be by our side we will know and it will take away from our enjoyment. The same way you feel when men complain about having to watch Letters from Juliet or Dancing with the Stars.

Don’t Complain About Time

Women act like one day a week is the end of the world. There are six more days in the week that you could be spending time together. I’ve done a basic breakdown of a weekly time line.

There are 168-hours in the week, if you take out 48 for work and the commute, 70 for sleeping, showering, and bathroom breaks (also very important to men) you are left 50-hours.

I’ll even take away another 10-hours due to conflicting schedules and that leaves us with 40-hours.  This is free time that you commonly share and for whatever reason some women feel entitled to it all.

Is it really that much to ask that a quarter of that time be dedicated to something that he is passionate about? Also something that was a major part of his youth and is popular conversation amongst his boys.

Yes, one day deserve a bulk of that time (Sunday) equaling about seven-hours. The other three are daily half-hour mental injections Sports Center the other six nights a week so he can stay well informed. For any of you who read smut gossip magazines or watch TMZ and Entertainment Tonight regularly, please don’t argue the need for the nightly half-hour of sports coverage – most commonly during dinner or right before bed.

So let’s cancel Sunday from any qualification of the 30-hours left over for quality time.  That leaves you with an average of five-hours a day where you can be his focus.

Don’t Hate the Player or the Game

I believe there is a large percentage of women who can’t stand to see their man enjoy something as much if not more than them. The problem is that once the beginning stage wears off in a relationship some women start to feel like he loves watching sports more than he enjoys the time they spend together.

The mistake women make is trying to control how much sports men get to watch. This is a huge mistake. I can speak from experience because I have ex-girlfriend who tried to pull this, hence the word ex. It wasn’t the reason we separated, but it definitely caused some resentment on my behalf.

In Shaharoh’s article she makes a great point to take advantage of the time and get in some “you” time.  This is a great idea, we don’t care what your doing as long as your not making us feel bad for enjoying the game, our friends, and the occasional “cold one” until we vomit the pizza and chicken wings we had at half-time.

Many sacrifices are made when you are in a relati and for men, its tough to take sports away too.  Let’s face it women, men aren’t complicated human beings and we don’t need much.

Men Need to Step it Up

As I mentioned, in a relationship there comes a point where both people start to feel comfortable and for a man this can mean bad habits.  Men forget to do the things they were doing when the woman fell in love with them.

This is important, just because you have been exclusive for a while, moved in together, or even taken the drastically dangerous step of marriage, you can’t stop letting the woman know that she is the most important thing in your life.

Men, if she is trying to take sports away from you ask yourself, why? It probably has something to do with how things have changed and she feels second to sports and friends.

There are plenty of other days during the week for you to do stuff to remind her that she is still number one in your life  You could take her to dinner, make her dinner, take her to a movie or play, rent the movie you know she wants to watch, or cuddle with her while she watches Bridezillas — even if your intentions are to fall asleep.

Realize that you haven’t been the guy you were when she met you.  Do the things needed to keep her happy and you in front of the computer and TV on Sundays watching football and checking your fantasy team. One thing is for sure, a happy female makes for a happy home.

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