Asia Pharma Front, The Jig Is Up

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Asia Pharma Front, The Jig Is Up

For men and women looking to take steroids for the first time, it can be a daunting step. You may be feeling nervous, doubtful, and uncertain, mixed with the desire to look like a superhero. A popular and easy way to acquire the steroids you may be looking for is through an Underground Lab (UGL) or an online pharmacy.

How do you know what to get or how much to get of it? What is the proper way to administer? Can you actually trust them to send you what you’re looking for?

These are all likely concerns when possibly consuming a product from any company. The company you choose should be able to answer these questions. You want them to be honest, fair, knowledgeable and accessible. These are all traits you can expect from the more notable and reputable online pharmacies.

However, the internet has been buzzing about some companies who think they are the Michael Jackson of the game. They pretend like they can teach you to “moonwalk” into a bigger better body, when in actuality they are just “Smooth Criminals.”

Pathetic groups of people, who probably live in their mothers’ basements, are trying to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers and in the process are creating a bad name for other legitimate UGL and online pharmacies.

Who are these fabricating impotent imposters? What are some of their gimmicks? Why do these companies feel the need to lie to us?

The Scam

“Battery Park,” a forum user on the, lists more than 30 sites related to notorious scammer and owner of Asia Pharma Michael Karnner.

Message boards and forums across the web are filled with people who have been sold low-quality products that don’t live up to their claims. user “Knuckles 101″ describes an experience with using Asia Pharma products:

“I put 2cc’s of Balkan test e (retard) in my quad and I swear I could not walk for a week. Horrible pain!!!”

Several people on have made complaints about these sites. Yet, similar scam sites selling Asia Pharma products continue to pop up all over the Web. They also set themselves up with favorable reviews, but someone should clue their reviewers in on how to spell.

Asia Pharma has a terrible YouTube video promoting their product. Just because they show us boxes and play loud techno music doesn’t prove their claims.

Both Asia Pharma and British Dragon claim to have the highest-quality product with the best and most expensive lab on the market—all available at the most affordable prices. LIES.

I’ve been to several of these websites claiming to sell Asia Pharma and British Dragon products and there is no proof they live up to their own hype.  Several consumers have taken to forums and message boards complaining about not even receiving their products after making online purchases.

Proof of License and Registration, Please

A couple of members from the forum have even tried to locate which pharmacies Asia Pharma is approved to sell their “product” and had no luck finding them.

People have also tried to find their pharmacy license number and have had long, highly opinioned statements to make.

“btw Pnut…I have asked several sites from asia pharma, world pharma, pharam eu etc for a pharmacy license number…I to this day have not gotten one. world pharma said (and I believe they are all related) that they talked to their attorneys and they were told not to give it to me. I call that bullshit….Ive been an attorney over 12 yrs and know better… that info has to be public and on file…and no one can find it, give it, or knows about it…so I know damn well they are not a real pharmacy.. if they are (and they arent) they will get busted soon.. thai gov (or other asian gov) and the u.s. gov work together. if usda/fda/customs/fbi/dea and whom ever find out what a AP and the others are doing by selling sending aas into the u.s. without a script or other legitimate/medical reason, they will soon get busted. and it will turn into a big sting as it has before…. that is why, other than their prices are outrageous, I will not buy, nor will I suggest anyone else to buy from them…I have been offered free gear from them and declined…they were a sponser on a source board I mod at and told the board owner of all the spamming they did and were taken off the board. they emailed the owner and said they were pissed and would put that board on every scammer list they could…” – Big Karch, Moderator

Supposedly Asia Pharma is legal in a few Asian countries, but do you know how easy it is to get things in Asian countries? Hip-high children smoke cigarettes and buy booze over there.

Another forum member, Tonya, previously responded to user named Peanutbutter (who had his or her account deleted for spamming).

“It is official! Asiapharma is UGL.
You can not buy Asia Pharma products in Thailand pharmacys.
I have a friend in Thailand he asked throughout Pataya and Bangkok.
Over 50 pharmacys and not one had Asia pharma gear or ever heard of it.
He also called Thai food and drugs agency. They never even heard of asiapharma.
The THAI registry number is made up. It is a complete fabrication. It is a lie.
Asiapharma is not registered in Thailand or anywhere else and can not be purchased in any pharmacy in Thailand or anywhere else.
This is just a lie to defraud people into buying overpriced UGL.
If you buy asiapharma you get a hyundai for the price of a Ferrari.
If you get anything at all. Because many of the sites that sell Asiapharma are a well known scam. to name just two.”

Creating these fraudulent fronts are casting an even bigger cloud over something that already suffers a bad enough rap. Groups like this should do it right, or not at all.

It Will All Catch Up



Photo from: Zimbio

William Llewellyn, a well known scientist, inventor, and much more in this particular field has been the target of smear campaigns by Asia Pharma,, and British Dragon. Why? Based on the fact that they asked him to speak and write about how poor their competition is. When Llewellyn didn’t comply with their demands, they attacked him and all the other companies.

These imposters joined the industry late and think that doing things cheap and illegal are the ways to get ahead—not to mention all the scamming involved.

It is illegal to distribute these products in America without a license to sell them to the pharmacies.

Eventually having fake sites, creating your own reviews, bad mouthing everyone in your industry, providing poor products or no products at all, and distributing them illegally will come back to haunt them. Instead, Asia Pharma and British Dragon think that everyone else should bow to their greatness. In time companies like this will be held accountable.

I’m not going to advise you to use one site over another, but I am advising you to avoid anyone or anything associated with Asia Pharma, Euro Hormone, and British Dragon. If you’re going to use a UGL, don’t use AP and the dirty bath water they’re trying to sell you.

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