Adding Muscle Naturally

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Adding Muscle Naturally

It is tough to add muscle to the body because it requires a lot of time and effort. Most guys want that toned broad look, and sadly, not all of us were blessed with killer abdominals, chiselled calves, and bulging biceps. Not everyone is a fan of the gym either. For those men who are very thin and have a natural fast metabolism, it is tough to build muscle on a lean frame, but it is achievable with patience and determined focus.

It is important to change the diet. Yes, the metabolism is fast but that does not give a person reason to stuff down junk food that contains limited nutrition. The body will start to listen when it is fed with the correct nutrition. If a guy or girl wants to build muscle, the body requires good amounts of protein, such as turkey, chicken, fish, lentils, beans, cheese, milk, steak, eggs, and nuts. Protein is essential to the body. When protein enters the body it sets to work to make sure the muscle is sustained and does not break down, it boosts the immune system, and works on many other components in the body. Protein also keeps the body fuller for longer and helps to build new muscle tissue when incorporated with a good weight training exercise programme.

When the body undergoes weight training, small tears form in the muscle. When protein is consumed, the protein from the food fills in these muscular tears so the muscle can grow back stronger. Another important aspect to consider when adding muscle gain naturally is the amount of calories consumed per day. Obviously if you want to gain muscle, not fat, then the muscles should be trained around 3-4 times per week (take a rest every second day), but it is also important to eat at the right time too. This means consuming an adequate amount of protein before and after a muscle-building workout. The body must also consume a lot more calories than normal, and needs to know it is taking in these extra calories to build muscle, rather than gain fat.

It is also important when weight training to work out the whole body, do not simply focus on building the arms. How would it look if you put in the effort to build up your arms without adding any muscle bulk to the legs? It is important to work out the whole body. The legs are a large muscle group, which contain the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gastrocnemius, plus many other important muscles. When the muscles break down after performing certain exercises like squats, leg press, and calf raises, those tears to the muscle require a lot of protein to grow back stronger. The effects of weight training may not be seen overnight, but certainly in the space of a couple of months, with the right diet and rest; the body should start to see positive results.

Rest is importance with any exercise programme. Muscle actually starts to grow when the body is resting, and after a good weight training programme, the body is already in fat burning zone for many hours, even days from some intense resistance training programmes. Take a break between workouts but remember to eat regularly and good amounts of protein.

Some protein shakes help with weight gain, and if you are going to consume these, make sure you are undertaking an effect weight-training programme. Without the training, you may find that you do not gain any weight.

Gym or home based training

If you buy a good weight lifting or health magazine, some decent weighted dumbbells, you can workout easily from home without having to join a gym. Simple exercises to perform are press-ups, bicep curls, weighted squats, burpees, chest press, sit-ups, and leg raises, to name just a few. To make an exercise tougher, such as the sit-up, use a weight or a medicine ball to build muscle in record time. Medicine balls can be used for an wide number of weight training exercises.

Natural Weight Gain

  • Eat protein before and after weight training workout
  • Eat MORE calories than normal
  • Eat a good nutritious diet with plenty of protein
  • Rest every two days
  • Train the whole body, not just sections
  • Be patient for results

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