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A Life Well Served

I have been thinking a lot lately, and I have read a ton of hate threads about AR and a few of my other friends I associate with . I also thought about how my lack of posting of late has caused a dip in my readers, and all this combined into today’s post. The purpose of what we do. Most upstanding MOD’s , bloggers, and Vet’s , don’t get paid for their effort. They do it for the love of the game. Now the ironic thing is the dirt bag members take kick backs and bribes , so the scumbags do get paid while the honest don’t. This is why it is quite easy to see why most go to the dark side.

Anthony Roberts may have quite a few enemies, but he is an honest man, though many will say so, but only people who he has exposed. Or people that worship the people he exposed. Even when these people are proved wrong none are man enough to come forward and admit such. What does that show you, well first of all they are not honorable people. I admit when I am wrong, and don’t get me wrong no one is perfect. I have seen a list of why AR is not knowledgeable about steroids, because his name is really Connors, because his Rugby Team was not recognized by NCAA, and because he lives in his parents basement, none of which proves a thing about his central knowledge on steroids. Ok if you don’t like him fine, not a big deal, but at least be fair . He does a lot of good , that he doesn’t earn a cent for.

Aaron Singerman is another very honorable, who spends countless time spent trying to help and educate. Even if you help one person free of charge, you have made a difference, so for the men who do it day in and day out, and get no real reward other then satisfaction. You have many people out there that do a bunch of good but do more harm then needed, and it seems to be greed. I am not a rich man by any means, not even close, but my self respect is not for sale, nor should anyone else.

My point being is that before we can get steroids reduced to a class V drug or get it legalized , we need to clean up our own mess. If your loyalty is to scum , you are scum and will fall with them. Just because they are knowledgeable doesn’t make them respectable.

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