A Guide To The World Cup 2010: Group E

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A Guide To The World Cup 2010: Group E

At a glance, you might think that Group E were just a weak group in general. However, teams like the Netherlands have a lot to offer, especially seeing how their line-up features powerhouses like Arjen Robbern. Are they good enough to play amongst the elite? Maybe.

One thing’s for certain though – there is little hope for any other team BUT the Netherlands against the likes of Spain or Brazil.

Group E


Current World Ranking: 3

The Netherlands are off to a good start – ripping through the first 8 games, winning them all, and only conceding 2 goals in total.

Their team is as powerful as ever, with an attacking front consisting of Arsenal’s Robin van Persie and Bayern Munich‘s Arjen Robben.

The midfield play isn’t too bad either as Robben’s club teammate van Bommel and Real Madrid‘s Rafael van der Vaart will be  filling these positions.

But away from all the goal scoring opportunities, there are major worries about the Netherland’s defensive line-up, as they have no real star defenders, nor have they yet found a decent replacement for goalkeeping legend Edwin van der Sar.

But the real worry comes from the team’s apparent lack of teamwork in their play. It’s been seen on more than one occasion ruining their chances of victory. However, they are sure favorites to get past  the group stages, and they are definitely a real threat to all other teams.


Current World Ranking: 26

When it was announced that Denmark was to be in the most difficult qualifying group of all, nearly everyone lost hope in Denmark qualifying this year.

However, in a shock twist, Denmark beat a second-place Portugal to rise and qualify in first-place. Beating Sweden on the way, this is Denmark’s first major tournament since the 2004 Euro cup.

The team don’t really hold host to any big names, rather just a select handful of skilled players. These being Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, Juventus midfielder Christian Poulsen and former Newcastle forward Jon Dahl Tomasson.

Definitely the underdog to watch.


Current World Ranking: 43

Japan are team thought of as being ‘lucky’. After all, they were placed in a fairly easy qualifying group, and just managed to secure second-place.

However, there has definitely been some steady improvements happening within the team. In 2002, they managed to each the second round before being eliminated by Turkey.

Can they perform such a feat again? Maybe.

There is pressure on star player Shunsuke Nakamura, an ex-Celtic player, to provide team union.


Current World Ranking: 11

It was a close call this year for Cameroon. Two games in, they were bottom of their group.

Then ex-Rangers manager, Peter Le Guen seized control of the team from Otto Pfister, and he pushed them higher up in the table.

Aside from the difficulties early on in the tournament, Cameroon possess a variety of talent .

With Inter Milan‘s Samuel Eto’o being their key player, and star striker, and Sebastien Bassong of Tottenham playing in defence, Cameroon is looking formidable.

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