9 Key Rules To Get Ripped: Part 3 Of 3

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9 Key Rules To Get Ripped: Part 3 Of 3

And so, alas we have come to the end of this series. In case you haven’t been with us for the last two articles, here’s a brief catch-up.

This series is about the 9 key rules that are essential to follow if you are serious about getting muscular.

And so, here we go for the last time –

7. Create Time

You are NEVER too busy to work out. If you are truly serious about getting ripped, you will ensure that the statement, ‘I just don’t have enough time to work out’, never, ever comes out from your lips. There’s so many guys that will use that very exact line as an excuse that they themselves can accept, but the sad, honest truth is that these guys will never get ripped. I know people that work full-time jobs, starting from early in the morning and finishing late into the night. But these guys still manage to get their work outs in, even if it does mean that they have to wake up an hour or two earlier to do so. You know why these guys do that? Because they want a better body.

If you only have 30 minutes in the gym, that’s fine, just do everything you usually do faster. Work harder. Work faster. Become a more efficient, confident version of the current person you are. It doesn’t matter what monsoons and thunderstorms you have to trek through in order to attain what you desire – the key to this is to persist. No matter how long it takes you to get what you want, never give up. Keep going, and you’ll be where you want to be eventually.

8. Have a Desire

How can you achieve something as difficult as a defined body if you simply do not want it enough? Desire is the biggest motivator that mankind has. It’s what makes some guys wake up at 5.30 in the morning to jog. It’s what makes others go for that extra rep in the gym. If you aren’t 100% dedicated in this game, then go home, and come back when you are, because it’s a long road to getting ripped. There are no shortcuts.

The simple fact that humanity has wants drives us to constantly improve. You should work hard, day in, day out, with the thought of who you want to be lodged into your mind. You could spend a day in a gym and attain no gains without a large enough desire. Your mentality is everything.

Invest every last strand of will you have into this, and you will see the results, I guarantee you.

9. Have Faith

Never, ever, ever lose faith in what you believe you can achieve. If you believe you can do something, you can. Just listen to some of the stories of people – people that have gone from scrawny, tiny beings into huge, muscular hulks. If they can do it, why can’t you? You can achieve anything.

Set your goals high, and believe in yourself.


That concludes this series, on a rather mental note rather than physical.
All the same, these rules are key, and I hope you realize that after reading this series.

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