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    Hi, i’m new to the boards and i really need your help. Currently i’m 20 yrs old, 5’7″ and 145 lbs, but i cant seem to gain anymore weight. I’ve tried everything to my knowledge, even the same routine i used in high school when i gained 20 lbs(165) in 2 weeks. I just dont get it. So, i’ve been thinking of using an AS but i dont know which one. I really dont like needles and i want the least amount of side effects(especially bitch tits) as possible. I want to hit the 170 lbs mark and keep the gains when i get off. Any help would be appeciated. Thanks


    HEy bro welcome to WBF. First I think you should stay away from steroids for a couple more years. I say this because your body is at its peak for produceing natural muscle. Use it, its free and safe.

    Let us help you to do this natural first if we can’t help you gain some weight over time then I would say try some roids. So help us help you by posting your diet(not to detailed) how often you eat, your training schedule(not in detail either) and supplement if you take any.


    dude thanks for the fast reply,
    ok, my diet consist of eating 3 big meals a day and two weight gainer shakes. i workout everyother day about 1 1/2 hours. I also take androdestione(if i spelled it right) and i used to take creatine. thanks for your help


    once again BigJ knows his shit… I agree with BIGJ lay off you dont want to take gear unless you have to even androstein. Just take creatine. with alot of protien and carbs. Watch what you eat carefully stay away from fast food places they will kill you!!!!!!

    Keep It Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    here again I have to agree with B.J77 wait a couple more years get on a wieght gainer and creatine and eat your ass of for the next two years and see what happens you are in your prime


    Ok first thing I will recomend for you bro(along with the above) is to take a week off of training. (yes a week) You are probably saying how is this going to make me grow? Well rest is the key ingredient to training so I want to make sure you are not overtraining, so take one week off. Then when you go back hit one body part a day example.

    abs everyday that you train. And No cardio………

    When you star this you don’t want to be in the gym more than an hour each time, so train with intensity. For major muscles get 15-18 sets of ecercises and for minor ones get 9-11 sets.

    Now as far as your diet, instead of 3 big meals break it into 5 small meals with the 2 shake aday. Try to get 4000-4500 cals a day of clean foods. Your protein intake should be no less than 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. You should eat a high protien meal or take a shake after a workout.

    You can continue to take the creatine, as directed, but stay away from the andro. Get your self some good Amino’s and take as directed.

    Any questions just post it bro.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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