Leg Injection

Leg Injection

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    just injected 2cc of EQ into my thigh and i must have hit a vien on the way up or down, i pulled up to check before i injected but wow quite a bit of blood squirted out when i pulled out. first time that has happened, ii shoulden’t have anything to worry about should i?
    thx bro’s


    Nope don’t worry happns to the best of us


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    Unless you start feeling bad or something like that i wouldn’t worry about it to much.Watch for redness or swelling and if get’s to looking pretty swollen you might want to put a heat pad on it and massage 2-3 times a day!!!


    It will be fine. You might develop a bruise but don’t worry about it. I did it the other day myself……

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    I had my wife with me once when I was injecting in my delt, just in case I needed her help. Well, ends up I didn’t need her help but….that was I first time I had a gusher. It squirtted all over the bathroom mirror & when I turned to look at her, she was white as a ghost & almost passed out! The bathroom looked like we just gutted a pig. Needless to say she dosen’t wanna help me do that again!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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