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It is an anabolic steroids source which is turning out to be very popular. You can discover diverse sorts of steroids there: injectable steroids, oral steroids, post cycle therapy supplements, growth hormones, and other. This source has a lot of good reviews and feedbacks on various forums.


Gear there are sold at exceptionally reasonable prices. It is most likely due to the fact that the dealer works straightforwardly with manufacturers and it permits them to put steroids for sale at a low cost.

Top Brands

7Lab Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Gen-Shi Labs and many more.


So far, there were no worries from clients about the quality. Every one of them are extremely fulfilled. There was likewise a case, when a person increased gigantic muscles in only one month, utilizing items from RoidsMall.Net. All steroids are of high quality and genuine. They give an unique code, utilizing which customers can check it for legitimacy.


This source ships worldwide. Package as a rule takes around 12-14 business days to arrive. Notwithstanding, sometimes it came somewhat later (2-3 days). Everything is packed safely and discretely. There were no instances of damaged items in this way. You may notice that they offer US Domestic Delivery for certain products.

Customer support

Customer support is entirely great. Customers find solutions in a brief time. Customer support team is nice and polite.


Their site is all around well designed and is easy to utilize. Each item has a proper description so you know precisely what you are acquiring. Additionally, the ordering process is simple. A little issue is that occasionally a few steroids are out of stock however it happens once in a while.

steroids for sale


A trustworthy and legit steroid supplier with genuine products and reasonable prices. There are now and many times special offers, bulk offers and discounts. As we exploited every detail, it doesn’t appear like a scam. You may securely buy steroids here.

If you have your own user experience with RoidsMall.Net -> then share it with us in comments/reviews bellow!


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  1. jackedbee - 2016-12-16 10:11 AM

    OK so I received winstrol aprox 3week ago price was average turn around time was only 8 days after payment was received. The gear is great I have maintained the same weight 200lbs dropped from 17%bf to 14%bf and from a 34 to a 30 pant size. So I can def attest to the gear being spot on. I have been taking 40mg a day and my wrists and elbows are sore as hell every morning.

  2. daznchucky - 2016-12-19 12:41 PM

    Very pleased with these guys… Have ordered from many sources before & used Roidsmall for a quick stop to grab some orals !! Was not making a large order, but needed some bits for my cycle quick & that is what I got!! (In UK)

    Used Anavar (Dragon Pharma) throuhgout cycle as a hardener with some test & other bits I had…. No problems with the Anavar whatsoever, felt nice & strong, upped my dose of creatine & took 2 tabs a day on top of injectibles…. Decent Var and defo happy I chose Dragon Pharma over others.

  3. Jamiejdc300 - 2016-12-23 10:32 AM

    Best supplier I have used! Made a small order to test the water and all I can say is I will never be using any other supplier Roidsmall all the way

    Very good payment picked up product revived 2 weeks later very fast

    Been using ordered gear for just under couple of weeks and I’m up nearly a stone and a half already very pleased

  4. massivebeast - 2016-12-26 4:21 PM

    Just placed my first order with these guys. I kept it relatively small due to the average rating. I’ve been seeking a new domestic source for orals so if RoidsMall comes through for me with some legit stuff they’ll have a loyal customer. The order and payment process was automated and user friendly. The whole process from order to payment took about 3 min. I will keep everyone posted when I receive my order.

  5. Jason G - 2017-01-03 10:29 AM

    This was my first time ordering with from guys. Had a slight issue which was resolved.

    Was personable and always replied to my messages quickly. They mistakenly sent out the wrong items, but sorted it very quickly soon as I let them know 🙂

    Shipping time in the UK was just a couple of days. It was packaged well and discretely.

    Both ordered products, Caber and Kamagra, did exactly what they were supposed to!

    Very happy with the products and service, I’ll be more than happy to use again!

  6. MT38 - 2017-01-06 12:28 PM

    Roidsmall has become one one my go to sources, hard to beat the service and quality for the stock.

    Has been more than helpful and handled issues professionally and timely.

    Ran 29ml of dragon pharma sust and anavar with another source npp then switched to test e (which I just finished) when the sust was gone. The gear pins smooth. This cycle was one of my best, if not my best yet, everything just seemed to be clicking well and having a solid base with testosterone had a lot to do with that. I ran the anavar for about 8 weeks at 100mg and man, all I can say is this had been my best go with anavar. Vascularity has been the first thing that everyone notices for me now, continue to get complements and people asking questions. I was maintaining a clean 3200 cals per day and using my workouts and AAS to shape my results this time and it went really well. I have more of his gear that I’m looking forward to trying out.

    This source is a bit underrated but is definitely on top imo with the service and right up there with the best of them in quality too. Highly recommended.

  7. BIG MARINE - 2017-01-09 10:39 AM

    I had ordered my HCG from another place which was a mistake,so i needed my hcg and clomid fast. I used RoidsMall for the first time because of the reviews I read so I gave them a try and in 6 days my donation was picked up and order sent, I was also able to track it the whole way to my door, I’ve already started my stuff from roidsmall and still haven’t even recieved my gear from the other source. ROIDSMALL will DEFINATELY be my new go to company, THANKS AGAIN

  8. leangains90 - 2017-01-13 9:08 AM

    Placed my order 8 weeks ago. Very fast, efficient and discrete delivery, nobody would know what’s in the package. The products have proven to be of great quality and I am very pleased with the gains I have made. I will be ordering from RoidsMall in future rather than my local supplier.

    No comms other than the info on payment protocol was required. That which was received was clear, concise and got the job done.

    I have ordered from them: Dragon Pharma T-400 10ml, Dianabol 20mg, A-Dex.

    Dbol was effective and gains were very good. T-400 was PIPpy to start but has been spot on since, gains are still coming, libido is up and the boys have taken a sabbatical so all in all as to be expected.

  9. eire - 2017-01-16 3:44 PM

    placed an order with these guys for a bottle of kalpa tren e and 10 bottles of alpa test e. switches from the previous lab i was using and i have seen no drop in strength and still getting the sides so the shit is legit.

    great comunication and fast shipping time. i think i have found my new sauce 🙂 keep up the good work

  10. Chris17 - 2017-01-20 10:02 AM

    Got my order today. 10 vials of Dragon Pharma Sus 350, Deca 300 and 150 D-Bol. Got it in 10 days. Discreet shipping. Good looking product. All the vial caps were secure and untampered with. None of my pills were broken. Definitely the only site I order from.

  11. riptnhuge - 2017-01-23 10:06 AM

    This is probably the most reliable and quickest source. I only wish they had a little more of a selection.

    They will always respond quickly, but usually never needed.

    Usually between 3 to 5 days, sometimes even quicker.

    I am cycling off it now from about two weeks now, but the Tren I can still really feel. My strength is crazy still and I always know because Tren kind of messes with my head. A word of advice to newbies trying Tren, it is the only steroid that gives me roid rage and makes me feel kind of just pissed off all the time. I know how to keep it in check well, but Tren definitely affects your mental state even though it does not aromatize. And be extra careful with Tren-E because it lasts a fucking long time! I still feel kind of agro and its been awhile since I pinned it. But I would like to say that Dragon Pharma does make good Tren. I’ve always liked the Sustanon too. I remember a batch of Cypionat I ordered a while ago was some of the best test ever tried. I will vouch for Dragon Pharma oils. They make good injectables usually. So if you are thinking about running some tren, I would recommend at least trying the Dragon Pharma, I don’t think you would be disappointed.

    If you need gear, and you need it quickly and reliably, this is a good source to try. They only constructive criticism I would give this source is to have a little more variety. If they were able to pull some human grade stuff you have to order overseas, and still have this business model, this source would be the best of the best.

  12. Squint - 2017-01-27 3:00 PM

    Very prompt. Not so much a bargain, but very fast. Like the web site information transfer, very clean once you understand it.

  13. - 2017-01-30 11:12 AM

    This review is for my last order with Roidsmall; I have made multiple purchases and have tried various brands he supplies to test out efficacy and I can now write a review from experience. Switched over to Dragon Pharma Test E 250 from the Kalpa brand and the Dragon Pharma blows it out of the water. I had always felt Kalpa was underdosed and now I am positive. I have gained an extra 4lbs in the 3 weeks since switching over to Dragon Pharma brand and I finally feel like I am beginning to experience the sides I expected with my weekly dose 600mg every 4 days; sides with Kalpa was non-existent up to 1000 MG a week without ancillaries. I’ll run without ancillaries to measure how my body responds. Because I have had three positive experiences with Roidsmall, I just placed my fourth order: Dragon Pharma Test E 400 and the new Suspension 100mg. I’ll review it in a couple of weeks.

    Roidsmall is 100% all around. Communicates fast, ships fast, range of products is broad, easy to do business with, always delivers. Some other sites offer products for cheaper; my philosophy is, you get what you pay for.

  14. L - 2017-01-31 11:46 PM

    Have always had good experiences with them. Except this last order placed 27 dec. Never showed up.

  15. phydo - 2017-02-05 6:34 AM

    I received my caber quick from him. Seems to be from a reputable lab, I saw someone post tests on the stuff from this same company. Not sure if I can discuss that there. One thing about ROidsMall, he has been very patient and responds quickly to anything I asked. Quick delivery, and bitcoin is awesome! Thanks for the intro ROidsMall!

  16. skinny2swole - 2017-02-05 7:00 AM

    This has to be the best source hands down!!! In a jam and need something quick get at him!!!

    Fast responses with helpful advice.

    Ordered Tren ace, Eq, sust, Deca

    Tren ace hit hard, caughs and crazy night sweats. Strength jumped like no other.

    Eq had my blood pressure out of control within a couple weeks, appetite did its thing and had me eating on schedule.

    Sust had me feeling level headed besides the tren outburst. Libido was on fire.

    Deca had my joints feeling smooth and allowed me to push the heavy weight the tren was getting me.

    weeks 1-6 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    1cc deca

    weeks 6-15 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    1cc tren ace every day

    weeks 15-20 every m,w,f

    1cc sust

    1cc eq

    This is definetly a source you can count on for extreme quality and dependability. Give them a try.

  17. BigNick - 2017-02-06 11:43 AM

    Got the package so quick I was surprised. Great communication! I hit the site up for first time and the process was great. I received quality blister pack brand name stuff – labeled bottles – beautifuly packed. I got a lot of orals and fat loss stuff for my girl as well and it’s great stuff. The var I got her is powerful brand name sealed/stamped packages and the Albuterol is a great “Controlled release” gear – good stuff. Var is sometimes faked and I know this stuff is safe for her – powerful too. I’ve been around this stuff for a while and these guys impressed me. In a week or so I’m stocking up on what they got.

  18. Ryzo - 2017-02-10 2:09 PM

    Third time ordering with these guys, and can’t complain at all. Perfect service.

    Great support

  19. Mike - 2017-02-11 9:43 PM

    Scam I think he is the one posting all this good comments don’t believe, I order test n tren nothing came tried to contact Noone answers

  20. big joe 242 - 2017-02-14 10:49 AM

    i have been getting my gear from roidsmall for a few years now and am very satisfied with the quality off all products i have received. After coming off a long cycle i was cruising on the balkan sustanon @ 250mg a week and got my bloodwork done just to see where my test levels were before starting a new cycle. Well my doctor called me a few days later and didnt give me an exact number but said my levels were extremely high and to discontinue taking testosterone and come back in 2 months so he can get another reading. Needless to say i didnt follow his advice but my point is that this source sells quality products. Anyways my new cycle i am running the Kalpa dbol and test e and its some of the best gear i’ve ever used. Im taking 40mg a day of the dbol and 500mg a week of the test. I am getting noticeably bigger and stronger every week and have recently had some of my best lifts of all time finally got up 405 on the bench for 3 reps!!

  21. muteman - 2017-02-17 2:57 PM

    This review will be for Kalpa test prop and drol from Roidsmall. I heard many good things about the prop and finally decided to give it a go as a kick start to the cycle I am currently on. I was pinning 1ml eod for 3 weeks with his drol at 100mgs a day split 50 am 50 pm. Oh man was I in for a suprise, within 7 days I would tell the prop had started taking over, I was beginning to break out across my back and shoulders more than I ever have. My wife was extremely happy with the increase in my sex drive, I was sweating more, training intensity was up aggression in the gym was up. And the drol, oh man that stuff had me full in just a few days, I had ran dbol before but never anything like this, it was awesome the be able to continue to move up in weight weekly. I switched from his drol to some pharma drol I had and feel like Kalpa is much stronger. All in all it was a pleasure to do business with this guy. I will be back soon.

    T/A was longer than expected around 15 days, but hey we have to remember just what it is we are doing right. This is not your normal online store. The packaging was super discreet, I had no idea what it was, there were no chances of broken vials.

    Hands down some of the best gear I have had to date.

    ROidsmall is a good business man, I will continue to do business with him as long as he sticks around, the products and great and the price is way more than fair.

  22. smegzz - 2017-02-20 11:39 AM

    First Time ordering from this website and it was great!

    No communication needed as got tracking number. Solid source

    T/A was around 8 days which was awesome, can really count on them if i need a product quick!

    Ordered Clomid from them.

    Everything works as its supposed too!

    If you need gear quick, this is one of my go to sources! First time buying from them, but wont be last!

  23. big greek - 2017-02-24 10:08 AM

    Ok here it go’s, I’ve ordered a lot of times from Roidsmall and have yet to regret doing so, it’s been about a month and a half since I ordered and used there Anadroxyl, I ordered it when they were having the sale. Till this day I haven’t had better Anadrol or Dbol since . I have ordered from others and it was good but Roidsmall stuff for my body has been strait fire. There anadroxyl gave me perfect water retention the way I wanted it, it had me feeling good Physically and mentally, the pumps were insane but I like the overall wellbeing feeling it gave me. I was on it for 6 weeks and loved every moment of it. The only problem I had was that I had to get off of it. If it didn’t do damage I would love to do it more often. Great gear, fast dilivery, No complaints on my side, THANKS ROIDSMALL.

  24. bambi1234 - 2017-02-27 10:32 AM

    late review

    used this source about 4 times

    very easy ordering process very fast website is great 3 to 5 days for orders

    back in december used cut mix 1 cc three time a week, used it for my show, got strong lean and keep my estro great, lost lots of water, also was using his nolvadex just started sust and kalpa abombs review in 6 weeks, before that used kalpa pharma and work well, love all products i used from him. viagra is powerful..

  25. Giantsfan88 - 2017-03-03 12:09 PM

    I can honestly say there are a few good sources out there.If I had to choose to keep one around,its RoidsMall.The only bitch that anybody can come up with is they are a few bucks more costly.BUT,that few bucks gaurentees your getting excellent quality of gear in a very quick amount of time.Its not hit and miss like other sources where your just happy to recieve what you ordered and not worry about a source taking your money and never hear from them again,then you have to hope it isnt junk.No worries about RoidsMall.He knows his business and if its good,he makes sure he carries it.I’ve been cycling off and on for years now and got the best results from RoidsMall.Stregnth,size and definition.I’ve gotten so big off his gear,my bosses at work are too scared to fire me even if they wanted to.LOL!! I’ve gotten job promotions and job offers from other places and yes it is because of the muscle I have gained using RoidsMall.And best of all,ITS EASIER TO SCORE WITH THE CHICKS!!! Thanks RoidsMall…

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