A Second Opinion On Asia Pharma Products

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A Second Opinion On Asia Pharma Products

I had received quite a few samples of Asia Pharma products a while back, and I wanted to test the quality of there overall products . Instead of doing so all by myself ( would be somewhat one-sided ) I ask a few friends to partake in the sampling process.

One person that I trust to be truthful and has enough experience with steroids , where he knows the difference between junk and human quality.

So I asked him to try them out , and give a brief review, and so here it is.

   My latest trek into the the world of anabolics has brought me to Asia Pharma.

After starting out with their 250 mg Sustainabolic(4 Test Blend) and 80 mg Boldabolic(boldenone) I eventually made my way to their 80 mg trenabolic(trenacetate injection) as well as their 50 mg Stanobolic(stanozolol). All were great products, except the Sustanabolic, which was still above average yet not quite on the level of the other inject ables.Very clean products with little to know side effects.

Excellent packaging,the integrity is there.

One of the best packaged products out there.

Top quality across the board and “oh by the way” top notch results.

I also tried their oral line and was very pleased.Their 50 mg oxyanabolic tablets are very good.

I enjoyed serious strength gains with just one tablet a day added to my cycle.

Their 20 mg Stanobolic tablets are also a very good product.

Whether your bulking up or looking to lean down Asia Pharma has something for you and in my case a returning, loyal customer. 

I know by now everyone has heard of there products, and even encountered some of there sales reps.

I do have to say there products are high quality, I think what might  be rubbing everyone the wrong way is there over-aggressive sales style and there push to make everyone believe it js Human Grade.

While I do feel they are very close to such, without FDA approval they are just pissing into the wind.

My advise for this source is, let the quality of your product do all the talking, then and only then will things start to go upward.

I also know they are expensive , but you get what you pay for.  So to my Asia Pharma friends, please sit back, relax and allow your products to say everything, by pushing people to try your products your just pushing them away.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected], and would like to give a special thanks to Strider for his help with this matter.

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