The Trial And Errors Of Cycling

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The Trial And Errors Of Cycling

The fact of the matter is I have been in the steroid game for quite a while, I started way too young , which I regret ( starting too young not using steroids ) so I have done quite a few cycles . Now I figured I would revisit them and the results I got from them ( by no means am I suggesting anyone to do these cycles ) , and remember these are not beginner cycles, beginner cycles should be test only.

As a matter of fact here are what a beginner cycle should look like :

Test Enthate 250-500 mgs a week for 10-12 weeks or

Test Cypionate 250-500 mgs a week for 10-12 weeks or

Test Prop 75-125 mgs Every Other Day for 8-10 weeks.  Prop is for anyone that doesn’t mind sticking themselves 3-4 times a week, but it rewards you with early gains.

All cycles need to be followed by a proper PCT ( Post Cycle Therapy )

My first cycle , well because I didn’t know anything was just D-Bol, gained 10 pounds and lost it as soon as I stopped  I lost it all, this is why oral only cycles aren’t practical.

My next cycle was Deca and Primobolan , which was closer , but I was still clueless.

My gains were decent , but half way through I lost all sex drive and ended up not lifting as much as I should.

In the end I ended up with gains of about 6 pounds, no PCT, so once again I needed to learn, so I started reading.

I did a few more unwise cycles along the way, like Deca and EQ, and Deca by itself.

Then I finally learned , Test is the base of every cycle, without it , it is like building a house without a cement foundation, it won’t be sturdy nor will it last.

Here are some of the cycles that followed.

Remember these are NOT beginner cycles, and to do a cycle like this with no experience is VERY reckless.

One of my favorites:

Test Prop weeks 1-15 100 mgs EOD

Primobolan weeks 1-14 600 mgs a week

Anavar weeks 1-8  50 mgs a week

I gained around 14 pounds and lost a good amount of fat ( diet plays a big roll in this ) this is a pretty mild cycle and does good things , but not for the guy looking to get huge, more for the person who wants lean mass.

To Get Big , This One Was Unreal ( for an advanced user only even still not recommended ) :

Test Enthate weeks 1-16 at 500 mgs a week

Test Prop weeks 17-24 at 125 mgs EOD

EQ weeks 1-16 at 600 mgs a week

Nor Decanoate weeks 1-12 400 mgs a week ( I know big supressed npta , but it would be regardless with such a long cycle )

Anadrol weeks 1-8 50mgs a day ( Liv -52 is a good combo with orals )

Tren Acet weeks 16-24 150 mgs EOD

This cycle was followed by the Anthony Roberts PCT, and I gained around 25 pounds and only lost 5 pounds ( water weight ), and kept the rest.

Another Good Leaner :

Test Prop weeks 1-10 150 mgs EOD

Test Suspension weeks 11-16  75 mgs ED

Masteron weeks 1-10 at 150mgs EOD

NPP weeks 9-16 150 mgs EOD

This was a good cycle with very minimal gains , but my appearance changed drastically.

Very good, very mild.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at Also feel free to stay updated on Twitter , I am under DrSteroids.

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