Weight belts yes or no ?

Weight belts yes or no ?

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    I dont think they help at all, what do you guys think ?



    For heavy lifting I think they are usefull



    Yes, for squats and rows only. To make sure your lower back doesn’t jerk or bend.

    You don’t need them to do standing calf raises 🙂




    Now I’ve read some place…but ok you know me and my blondeness…now I just can’t remember where I read it…but I do remember it saying that they really don’t help you at all…..actually makes something weaker….or gives a false sense of security that it will do something…ok I better stop now cause I’m sounding ever the ultimate blonde right now…





    I know you do *smile*


    Mr. Pecs

    I would have to say belts for sure. I don’t know many people who can use proper form when doing there max on deads and rows. I use a belt and have found it very usefull.


    GoD SmAcKeD

    Ok, someone correct me if I am wrong. I thought & still do, that weight belts do nothing for the lower back!?
    It’s my belief that a weight belt does nothing more than stabalize your guts from popping out. I mean, without a belt you exert great force downward & outward on the stomach and intestines. Now with a belt in place, it gives your GUTS a kind of brace therefore letting more force be exerted on the exercise at hand!? Kinda hard to explain but I will try.

    It’s like lighting a firecracker. A firecracker that explodes, explodes in all directions in equal proportions. Now, wrap that firecrack up in the center with a shitload of duct tape, the explosion will be forced through the areas with the least resistance (ie. the top & bottom). Get the picture?

    The moral of this story: Use your belts so your guts go on the floor & ceiling therefore keeping the mirrors clean!



    As an athlete (hockey Player) i would NEVER EVER use a belt, if your lower back is not strong enough, strengthen it until it is. I never do max weight on any lift, there’s really no gain from it. Thats what i’ve been told by my trainers. It does make your lower back/abs weaker and more susceptible to injuries because the belt is stabilizing your torso, not your muscles, therefor their not getting stronger. This is my pinion, i will never use a weight belt. I believe is you cant balance and stabilize your body to do a lift with perfect form, then you shouldnt be doing that much weight, just drop it down a notch and do perfect form.



    i also never use belts in fear that it will weaken my back by using a crutch. jm2c

    killer quads 81
    killer quads 81

    They just contribute to weakness in the lower back and abs. If you suffer from low back pain, they can be of some benefit, but otherwise I would forget they exist. If you feel you need one during a max lift, then you should not be using that much weight. Just my opinion.



    i have lower back pain and i find that a belt helps me, i gets me through squats.. that is the only exersize i use it for.. and i always do 8 -10 reps so i am not maxing out or anything and i do work for the lower back to make it stronger also.. whatever works right…



    God Smacked is exactly correct. The belt will not weaken your lower back. In a way it strengthens it, it allows you to go heavier and the heavier you go the more all of your muscles benefit.
    The majority of power lifters and Olympic weight lifters use them – and they are not weak.
    Use them for squats and deadlifts.



    Hmm…well, here is my take on this. I think each and every person is different. If your lower back and abs are strong enough (in proportion to whatever muscles you are working…quads for squats…or back for deads) then you do not need a belt. However, if your lower back and abs are limiting you from totally exhausting your muscles you are working, then a belt may be for you.

    If you have ever watched any of the “Battle for the Olympia” vids, you will see that practically every bb uses a weight belt. I feel that once you get to where you are lifting that much weight, a belt becomes a necessity. Its a saftety net for injury (somewhat). Of course I would always recommend keeping some lower back isolation exercises in the mix at all times to keep it strong.

    Right now, I don’t need a belt. I perform fine on all my compound exercises and have no low back pain so I feel there is no need for one. In the future, as I get stronger, I may opt to begin using one if I feel it will help.

    I had the same issue with straps. I said I would never use them because I didn’t want to sacrifice my forearms. Well, what I found out was that my forearms were limiting my back workout. The second I started using the straps again, I found that my lifts on my back exercises skyrocketed. My forearms were the weak link…and they were hurting my back workouts. This may also be true with a weight belt.

    Just something to mentally digest.

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