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    synovex -h, -c, plus, -s ????? What is what and once again how is it converted? I have found a half a dozen great sites to convert fina but not a one for synovex. I need to get some test for the fina…. Also I haven’t been able to find the s-type kits???? Any idea?



    Well you could try and buy some TEST. You might fuck it up and grow titts.



    Thanks to a few members who take this seriously and want to help others, I was able to find the information I needed. I will be keeping everyone posted on the out come of the “Research.” Thanks again




    Ok guys, this is a simple and easy way to convert Synovex-H to get test
    base, which can be used in a transdermal application. You will yield
    anywhere from 12-20g test base from this, depending upon how careful you
    are with this process. This was developed by Chemo and I got much help
    from Wardog and Bobo. There are kits out there to do this for test prop
    inject, but if you want a transdermal or just TNE for whatever reason
    this is the way to go.

    Materials needed:

    1. 1 box Synovex-H
    2. 2 bottles Heet (available everywhere for your car), around $2-3
    3. 1 Bottle Red Devil Lye (Available at grocery stores, Walmart,
    Hardware store), around $5
    4. Glass coffee pot and bucket(s) or other containers
    5. Dust masks and/or coffee filters
    6. Pill crusher if desired (available at any drug store), around $5

    Ok, the how and why(s) of it:

    Synovex H is a cattle implant that contains testosterone propionate and
    estradiol. We are going to remove the estradiol and strip away the
    propionate ester to end with test base! Ok, on to the conversion:

    1. Crush all the syno pellets and place them in the glass coffee pot or
    bucket and fill with the 2 bottles of Heet. I used a cheap pill crusher
    I found at a local drug store, made it real quick and easy. If you
    don’t crush them,they simply take much longer to dissolve. Let the pellets
    dissolve until the only thing left is the white filler which should
    settle to the bottom. It wll look like a hit cloudy substance when
    stirred, no granular particles. With crushed pellets this could be only a few

    2. Next filter out the filler materials from the Heet solution. I
    suggest you get a small funnel like used for adding oil to your car, and
    place a dust mask in it and filter away. Set that aside and move on to
    playing with lye, chemical burns are fun! I’m kidding, but be careful you
    big idiot!

    3. Next you need to add saturated sodium hydroxide (Red Devil Lye).
    This will remove the esters and make the estradiol water soluble. To get
    saturated sodium hydroxide you need to get a small, thick glass
    container and do this step in a cold water bath. Start by putting about 2
    ounces (or 1/4 cup) of water in the glass, and slowly add the lye a
    tablespoon or so at a time. IT WILL GET VERY HOT, hence the cold water bath.
    You will notice the lye dissolve in the water quickly, just keep slowly
    adding lye until it doesn’t dissolve anymore (remains powder or
    crystals), then add just a little more water. This is “saturated” sodium
    hydroxide. Add this to the Heet mix, stir it up, and let it sit for at least
    a day.

    4. Next we will add water to make the test base precipitate out into
    powder or crystals. There are 2 ways of doing this:
    A. Add about a 1/2 gallon of water to the mix, stir it up and the test
    powder will form. If you do this your filtering will be much more time
    consuming, but it does work fine.

    B. “The Wardog Way” This is the more efficient way of getting test
    base, especially time-wise. Get a paper or plastic sup or container,
    something that will hold 1/2 gallon or you’ll have to keep filling it up. I
    used a milk jug. Your mix should be in the coffee pot, so it probably
    won’t hold a 1/2 gallon of water, so pour it in a bucket. Get some
    cardboard and cut a hole in it in the center, and place over the bucket. You
    are going to poke a tiny little hole (with a needle, I mean tiny
    damnit!) in the bottom of the plastic jug or cup and let the 1/2 gallon of
    water slowly drip into the heet and lye mix. This will form test
    crystals, big nice pretty crystals that are easy to filter!

    5. Once the water has been added and test powder or crystals formed,
    now just filter out and rinse the test. I tried using a dust mask for the
    powder, won’t work, too damn slow. A coffee filter will do fine, or if
    you have crystals a permanent coffee filter (usually has a reinforced
    mesh, available at Walmart or grocery store) is better. With test powder
    expect some time invested in filtering it, with crystals it’s done in
    minutes. Once you are done, rinse the test repeatedly to make sure the
    excess hydroxide is off completely, no reason to cycle Red Devil! Now
    let it dry overnight or give it a bake in the oven at a VERY LOW temp. My
    oven goes as low as 170, I used that and let it bake to speed up the
    drying process, but don’t burn it you fool! Now chop it up with a razor
    like Scarface and there you have test base

    The proper solvents to use for tren pellets and powders are Benzyl
    Alcohol and Benzyl Benzoate both USP Grade.

    Combo here for pellets:
    4 gram kit use 2 mls BA and 5 mls BB
    or .5 mls BA and ~1.25 mls BB per gram

    Combo here for powders:
    For powders use .25mls BA and .75 mls BB per gm of pure powder

    This is for the conventional kitchen chemist and although not the exact
    ratios of the variuos magic secret solving solutions they all are just
    BA and or BB/BB combo



    Have you all gotten good results from this, I am interested in giving it a try.



    Like many threads you read on this topic, Synovex is not a beginner conversion. It is more time involved and requires an absolute attention to detail. It also has greater potential of messing you up if done incorrectly, given the additional chemicals used.

    I am basing my statement on what is required of you if you convert powder or Fina tabs.

    My best advice is starting small, only making 5 grams of powder during your first batch. Make sure to use an estrogen stabilizer. Rinse final crystals with distilled water, VERY WELL! Stock up on your On Cycle Therapy and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy); the remaining estrogen, if enough remains, could cause some major Gyno symptoms in some (what am I saying, most).

    Hope this helps



    Great, thanks for the info..

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