Over Doing It????

Over Doing It????

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    I was sitting here thinking about my workout after I have talked to and read some posts from the Bros. I have gotten mixed opinions about working with the gear. Some say that you should just stick with your regular lifting and some say to bump it up a bit. This is my first week on the gear, so I want to make any corrections before I continue. I would figure that you would want to go in like an animal so you come out like an animal. does anyone have any good “first gear cycle” workout programs that seemed to work for them. I would be curious to hear them. Thanks, f



    I have hit it many ways, but what it comes down to is the intensity of your workout. If you do one exercise of 3 sets to the maximum intensity it will get you the same results, if not better as doing 12 sets half ass. Just workout a body part until its done. Do each set like its your last and you will grow……one body part a day…



    This is how i train , but everyones body is different .

    Monday > Chest
    Tuesday> Biceps
    Wednesday> Shoulders
    Thursday> Legs , Calf, Hamstrings
    Friday> Back , then i will do a light Arm workout .

    I Will take Sat n Sundays off , but i will run 3-4 miles Sat morning .
    I do a light Biceps workout , cause i like to hit em twice in one week . Some guys don’t need 2 , but again everyone is different .

    The next week i will alternate Body parts so Monday will be different from prior week .

    Hope this helps .



    Just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the input.


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