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    I am 21, 6’4″ weigh in at 210. I have been lifting on and off for many years but I have seen no results. I have tried many programs but I lose so much weight even with weight gainers and gain no muscle or strength my metabolism is very high. I need help with a program that will help me feel good about my self. Please help me out find a program that will produce some results I would be grateful. I am willing to try anything except illegal harmful drugs because I have a very healthy sex life and don’t want to lose that. Please help ME!! Thanks


    If you don’t want to try AS then here are some legal supplements that might help you:
    2.Creatine (Cell-Tech)
    3.Good quality protein powder (N-Large 2)
    5.Vitamin E, and C
    6.Lots of good quality food!
    7.Plenty of rest
    8.Tons of water
    What’s your diet like? and how is your training split?


    Detroit Diesel

    In addition to Vein’s list I would throw in some BCAA’s. Go for the gel caps vs the hard pressed. I think the are absorbed into your system faster.

    I also like using desicated liver tabs when eating beef.

    Your diet is extremely inportant! You could spend all the $$ in the world, but if your diet sux you’re just throwing it all away.



    Well what about the illegal harmless ones? heh heh heh.



    I eat a very well rounded diet. Mostly Fish, Pasta, and Rice. I don’t drink anything but water all the time usually about a gallon a day it really depends on the day. I am new to some of the terms that you guys use AS??? I have no clue. Since I posted I have been looking at Androstendione on the net what is everyones take on that particular suppliment. I have used creatine for about 6 months but it is just not giving me extra weight to work with.

    I have another question:
    what muscle groups should I be working together?

    Usually I work out every day upper one day and lower the next not very hard on lower because got bad knees from basketball so I usually work a little on my upper then to. I don’t take any days off. I also sprint a mile everyday. Does that hamper my gaining of weight because I don’t want to loose my endurance took awhile to get there. Plus I mow grass and do other physical labor jobs. I need muscle mass more than anything I am a pretty stout guy have been for several years because i worked on a hay farm and throwing hay around all day does pretty good. Just looking to bulk up to me truthful.

    illegal harmless those just don’t sound like they belong together.

    Thanks for the advice.



    also what is BCAA?

    Tadger: give me a list of these ;o) illegal harmless ones.

    This has to be one of the quickest responses to a message board in a long time.

    Thanks Again


    ShaoDo….I re-read your first post…you said you’ve been lifting on and off with no results….could you elaborate….what was your routine…how many days a wk for how many months…….what exercises….how many reps and sets……

    the reason i ask is because i know guys who have weight trained “on and off” (your words)……it tends to be more off than on… its not a big surprise they’re disappointed with their results….and they can pop all the supplements they want but they wont get much bigger or stronger.



    AS= Anabolic Steroids

    It sounds to me like you are not eating enough calores to gain muscle mass. You need to eat big to get big. Especially if you are running a mile a day.
    If your body weight is 210 then you should be eating a minimum of 210 grams of protien every day even as much as 300.




    Also, if you just want to learn how to workout correctly to get into good shape and be healthy,
    I would suggest that you read this book.
    It will give you a really good understanding of how to get into a program and stick with it and also it will teach you a lot about nutrition and excersise.
    I followed the program for a year and I am in great shape now.
    I did not use any drugs and I went from 250 lbs and about 30% body fat to 200 pounds and 12% body fat in about 8 months.

    Good luck!



    ShaoDo here:

    someone has my first name. anyways on and off to me means I worked really hard for 4 months and then took like 2 months off then back on just like that but when I was in the 4 month period seen no progression. By eating alot of protien my usual meals in the day consist of Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch and 2 bannas and 2 PB sands. Lunch: Usually 4 tunafish salad sands. and maybe PB instead of tuna because it gets boring eating the same old thing. Dinner: usually start with a salad and then I cook fish or chicken, on occations I fix steaks, always eat a baked tater for dinner. Then I usually eat fruit the rest of the evening off and on for snacks.

    That is the basic break down of my history and daily life.

    Thanks for the help guys.



    My advice to you bro is:
    1) get some Cell-Tech- 2 servings a day, and one after EVERY workout.
    2) get some Nitro tech-2 servings a day, and one after EVERY workout. I’m not pushin Muscletech cause i get anything from the company, just that their products did wonders for me when i was training without AS.
    3)EAT like til you wanna vomit. Dont worry about getting fat. Your fast metabolism will make short work of what little fat you may gain. Personally, i’d cut out as much of the simple sugars from your diet as possible. No more rice, or corn, root veggys like potatoes or carrots unless they’re eaten along with high protein food like fish, chicken, steak etc.
    4)Sleep as much as you can 8 is good, 10 or 12 if you can get it.

    I’d do some research and you may find that a lot of the over the counter supps are more harmful than some of the AS that guys take. Hell, Tylenol is as hard on your liver as some oral steroids.

    I went and purchased the Muscletech Cell and Nitro the guy at GNC mentioned it before anything and it was on sale so I picked up two big buckets of each. Started on that Wed. I have not seen any side effects yet so I should be ok. Sore muscles seem to be far and inbetween so far. If any thing else you all can suggest let me know except AS. Thanks again for all the help

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