Clean Bulk Cycle Question

Clean Bulk Cycle Question

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    I am currently trying to get bigger. I have done the bulking cycle in the past where I eat everything in sight, and my face got fat. I got strong but I didn’t like the fat. Right now I want to bulk up a bit and do it by eating the right foods. What foods are these to do it with. Right now I eat the whole grains, including whole wheat bread. I eat no sugar and complex carbs like potatoes and veggies. And of course protein. Will this help me bulk up without the fat adding to it. Thanks



    Bball, I’m still new to weight lifting but I think if your trying to get bigger your on the right start as far as I can see. The more protein the better. They say you should consume 2grams of protein per every 1 pound that you weigh. If I were you I would eat your complex carbs morning and midday along with much protein. After midday try to stay away from the carbs and stick with alot of protein (egg whites, chicken, beef, lean turkey) this way you won’t get fatty. Like I said, I’m still a newBe but this has been working for me for the past 2 months and I have seen some good gains. Good luck bro.



    there is one basic thing you must understand…..inorder to gain muscle you must consume more calories than you use, to lose weight its the opposite. THerefore, you need to eat more, just make them clean food. And spread it out into 6 meals a day.



    If you start to get fat and bloated, eat less food(carbs and fat especially). You should look in the mirror and let that help you determine your food intake. The body only needs maybe 500-1000 extra calories per day depending on the strenght of cycle etc.



    I look at it this way: if it is processed, or touched by man for any reason other than harvesting or slaughtering, I don’t eat it. I also avoid cooking (not because of denaturalization or anything like that, I’m just lazy). That’s the approach I take, but in that state you will have to eat A LOT of food. I think you’re on the right track, though. Just don’t be afraid of carbs. They are as much your friend as protein. If you can take in 500 grams per day, your cells will be loaded and ready to fuel an intense workout. Just read up on nutrition as much as you can, it’s the most valuable tool you have.



    one thing that worked for me is that i would eat everything and anything, lots of carbs and all that stuff, before my workout. then after eat only protein, iron like a steak, but no fat and stuff like that.

    it worked for me…..



    Just follow Jims advice and keep the carbs up and you’ll put on quility muscle.

    I’ve had no problems with gaining fat in any mass cycle due to eating clean. I just ended a mass cycle and can still see my abs and seratis muscles.



    You are on the right track bballpit and DrS said it 100%.

    Do not start demonizing carbohydrates. The main reason I lift is to gain weight so I eat both protein and carbohydrates. The idea here is not to eat tons of protein to build muscle. After a certain point you just piss it out or store it as fat. A gram per pound is fine; two grams is useless unless you inject of course. You need to eat carbohydrates to spare the protein, so that your body does not use it as fuel but as a building block for muscles.

    So, eat a lot of carbs, but avoid the processed crap; you need the fiber; white flour, potatoes are not good for you. The fiber is there to control your blood sugar. So, get foods with fiber. This way your body will have less of a tendency to store fat by avoiding insulin spikes.

    Also, remember the good fats. Do not cut off all fat from your diet. Your body needs it. Just reduce the intake of fat and replace animal fat with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. No fat, no processing of the vitamins in the veggies.

    But, the main guideline is quality. Eat from all food groups but only quality items and you will not fail.

    Good luck!




    lean steak puts muscle on me in a hurry…

    starchy carbs if you just NEED them should happen before your workout…whole grains and fruit the rest of the day…

    I cook everything in olive oil rather than other types of oil or butter…

    if you are trying to put on weight eat like crazy all of the things you KNOW you should be eating and only eat the other crap afterwards…but if your doing it right you shouldn’t have room left in your gut…

    if you start to get fat then do cardio…frankly I don’t belive in all that shit about cardio burning up muscle…that would only be if you are in a calorie deficient state and you are not….I don’t think anyone should put on large quantitys of muscle mass without the cardiovascular system in place to support it anyways…

    fatty cuts of fish like salmon are great if you can afford them…



    don’t forget the carb drink before, during, and right after the workout this will give you the power you need to go heavy on the weight. But when you go real heavy don’t stay out there to long cuz you will over train just listen to your body.;)

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