Best Time To Inject

Best Time To Inject

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    When would be the best time to inject before or after a workout?



    I say before that way you have the extra “boost” of juice in your body to help built and give you that extra push while you work out.

    Also depending on where you inject I wouldnt want to inject after a leg workout cause your legs/ass are going to be tight and sore.

    Just do it before a workout.

    -The Icon



    I agree with The_Icon.



    Before….At least thats when I do it.



    how soon before your workout?



    yo bigpower-

    inject before your leg workouts because it will give you a great pump and you’ll be able to get legs done before you get sore. I inject about 10 min. before I go to the gym.



    I usually inject every week in the morinings or at night before I go to bed…



    After years of injecting…
    I noticed that the best time to inject depends on two things…
    1) kind of product: If your injecting a long lasting testosterone ester ( enthanate, cypionate ) , the best time for me is the morning… 7:00am kind of morning. Those long lasting IM injections that last 5-6 days active in our blood will only be at a 20 to 25% blood active rate by my workout at 12:00noon , I depend on the shot that I took 5 days beforehand to pick up the slack. A anabol injection or a propianate injection is best taken 2-3 hours before you lift. That gear has more of a spike blood activity life…. I will inject in the leg , all the leg activity will get it into the blood quicker , also.

    2) Aromatize of a drug will bloat me to hell if i shoot up at night. Sleeping allows more water to collect and pool in the face. And, it will be almost 14 hours before a noon-time workout . Also, when the gear is rising in blood levels at 4 or 5 AM, you just might wake up. Insomia is a side effect of high test levels… if they are rising due to an injection at 9:00pm…well, your asking for it.

    now, this is just my way of thinking of how to manipulate the gear to manage itself within my body.
    but at the same sime, i deduced most of this way of manipulation of injections thru practical application and common sence.




    So you want to inject just one time a week?



    very good points. Injection before training does make sense i think. The blood supply will be much richer due to training, therefore theoretically speeding up absorbtion. Although i don’t do it like this. Convience and secrecy is more important for me. I inject right before bed and right after awakening. Everyone else is sleeping 🙂

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