Anavar Only Cycle

Anavar Only Cycle

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    my friend is considering doing an anavar only cycle.
    he has never done juice, and is about 6’2, 180, very lean. he has a hard time gaining size.
    he wants to get about 10-15 lbs of lean mass, with little or no water retention.
    he also doesnt want to inject.

    what type of gains can he get from anavar only, first time cycle?



    I’m thinking about perhaps trying this next time around…maybe add in a little winny….

    omg….I”m already thinking about what I”m going to do next….hmmmmmmmm





    Anavar only would be a waste of money, you’d get a bit stronger but if you do anavar + winny.. boom I know somebody who did 40 mg winny oral and 25 mg anavar and he gained 15 paunds NO SHIT! it was his first cycle tho.

    well, Id give winny and anavar a try, its certainly a good cutting stack


    :hatch (love those smilies)



    Most of the time one your cycle I would say dont’ stack, but since your friend is planning on using Anavar, I say stack. Stack it with some winny or EQ and he should get some good KEEPABLE gains.

    Cutie, I feel ya. Everytime I am in the middle of a cycle, I am already planning my next one.



    First of all, it is very unlikely that he is going gain any significant mass from an Anavar or an Anavar/winny cycle. Both are good androgens, but suck as an anabolic.

    The best advice I can give him is to grow a pair and take the needle. For about a quarter of the price and in a single cycle, a good 20 pounds of quality mass can made using injects. Personally, I like a test/EQ stack with an oral like D-bol to jump start things. This cycle is cheaper, safer and much more effective than an oral only cycle. I know because my first cycle was d-bol/winny/ananvar. It was great while I was on it, but within a few weeks, most of the gains were HISTORY.

    If the b@#$h can’t take a needle, then use either oral test or the test creams, with an oral product. Again, I would suggest D-bol to start, switching to winny around week 5 of an 8 week cycle. These forms of test are much less effective than the injects, but at least they are better than the anavar or anavar/winny option. It may take a couple of cycles to pick up 15 quality pounds with this combo, but if he really is a hard gainer, then at least it should have the benefit of actually working.

    The final option is to do the winny/anavar cycle and then be pissed off in a few months after spending a few hundred $$$ for about 5 pounds of muscle.

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