Anabolic / Androgenic?

Anabolic / Androgenic?

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    What steroid names are anabolic and what names are androgenic…….what are the difference between the two?



    Anabolic – the constructive part of metabolism concerned especially with macromolecular synthesis.

    Androgen – a male sex hormone.

    A steroid that is more anabolic buildsup muscle/strength, etc without bringing on as many male side effects (balding, prostate enlargement, acne, aggression). One that is highly androgenic will bring these about with a fierceness(Anadrol, testosterone is potent too). The absolute most powerful anabolics are also monster androgens as well. Usually its a toss-up for the individual, how many effects will they tolerate for a given amount of gains. If you’re female obviously highly androgenic hormones are bad. For guys its not quite as bad. Hope that helps


    These are considered anabolic:
    3.primobolan etc….
    These are considered androgenic:
    2.Halotestin etc…
    These are considered to be a little of both:
    4.any kind of Test etc…
    Hope this helps you in your choices!



    I have just found a way to obtain my first cycle. With this new found “source” of information, I am now planing a stack. I am 5’11” 172lbs about 8% body fat and I’m looking to get to 190lbs 6% body fat and be able to matain it after the cycle. Does anyone know of a stack that could help me reach this goal?
    I want to add I’m not a kamikaze with this stuff so I will also be doing medical research before hand; a lead would be a nice place to start.



    Bro if I were you I would do 500mg a week for 8 weeks. Along with clomid at the end. If you ate right I definetly think it is possible that you could reach your goal. Good Luck Bro



    I don’t quite understad, 500mg. of what? I want to do a stack; not a single steroid. I was thinking of something like an adrogen load phase for 5-7 days then switching to a more anobolic. I may be new to this but I am not afraid of doing what it takes to acomplish my goals.

    Bro if I were you I would do 500mg a week for 8 weeks. Along with clomid at the end. If you ate right I definetly think it is possible that you could reach your goal. Good Luck Bro



    How about EQ+winy or Eq+winy+primobolan at the and…………………………….
    I think with your weight 300mg of eq and
    200-300mg of winy would be a nice combo….
    The winy can be a bitch price wise ….so try to get some powder or paperstrol….eq is cheap……primo isn’t ………………..
    If i were you i would run the Eq + winy for
    6 weeks ..or 8 but than you better get some
    milk thistle ( it would be nice if you use it anyway) and i would do: eq(at300-400mg)+primo(at200-300)Total of 500-600mg a week for an other 4 weeks.
    In my opinion this would’t be a very toxic
    cycle with good quality muscle and strenght
    gain.Whit little androgenic side effects (since the EQ is the most androgenic in this cycle, and it isn’t considerd to be highly androgenic this androgenic side effect stuff
    wouldn’t be a problem)hair loss.body hair grow etc……..
    I advise you to get some nolva(to b on the safe side….tits wise..he-he…and some clomid 4 your post cycle.
    Just my 0.2cc, so let me know what you think guys….



    When people say “steriods” they really mean “anabolic-androgenic steroids” or AAS. Even saying AS doesn’t really make sense (there are no purely anabolic steroids and there are no purely androgenic steroids). “Steroids” includes all kinds of stuff; even cholesterol “is” a steroid. The andros, while not controlled AASs, have a steroid structure.

    Ok, by definition, an AAS is something that binds to the androgen receptor. There is only one kind of androgen receptor; you can’t use different AAS to target different kinds of receptors. This is the accepted model for now; perhaps research will show that AAS can bind or act in different ways (there is all this talk about non-AR mediated effects), but for now, there is one AR and by definition, AAS effect their magic by binding to it. The increase in effects is thought to be, at least partially, due to a longer amount of time that the AR is bound to an AAS. That is, it is beneficial to use supraphysiological amount of exogenous AAS because it increases the ratio of bound-time:not-bound-time.

    Esterified AAS, such as testosterone enanthate, must be, according to current understanding, de-esterified before the AR-binding molecule–testosterone in this case–can become active (perhaps there are some esters that can have an effect in the esterified state? Doubtful, but…). The body removes different esters at different rates, leading to a distinct “half life” for each ester. Propionate has a much shorter half life than enanthate or cypionate. Note that half-life and dispersion rate of the depot both affect how often an AAS must be injected to keep a relatively stable level of AAS in the body. Test suspension has no ester and so should have a very very short half life, but a big depot will not be absorbed right away, so EOD injections seem to work well.

    Binding to the AR causes both androgenic and anabolic effects. Thus, if you are taking AAS, you are getting both anabolic and androgenic effects. Anabolic means causing cellular machinery to manufacture proteins. Androgenic means expressing secondary male sexual characteristics. (It can also mean “expressing acne in the most inconvenient places.” snicker 🙂

    Now, as for “androgenic” effects, some call things like exacerbating male pattern baldness an androgenic effect. But that is caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone) , which is produced by enzymatic conversion of testosterone and which does bind to the AR (you can get pure DHT for use as an AAS). Some AAS can convert enzymatically to DHT, some can’t, yet the ones that can’t are still androgenic to some degree. To the extent that people consider accelerating MPB an androgenic effect, they might say an AAS that can convert to DHT is more androgenic than one that can’t. But that is messing with the definition of “androgenic.”

    So why do people stack different AAS together? Because irrefutable anecdotal evidence shows that it is beneficial to do so. The evidence is anecdotal, not scientific (there are no or few first principles that say, e.g., “dbol and test will make a good stack because …”). As for orals and some injectables, it seems that some can cause an increase of IGF-1 in the liver (there’s a first principle for you, if it’s true). There are some AAS that clearly cause water retention (at least partly because of a conversion to estrogen) and some that don’t, although the amount of such side effects varies from person to person. Some AAS seem to cause mostly strength gains and help people get lean.

    Your mileage may vary, etc.

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