Advice On Recovering From Injury?

Advice On Recovering From Injury?

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    Last fall, I slightly dislocated my shoulder. That minorly tore some ligaments. Now, I play semi-pro football, and it is acting up again in practice. It is rather sore. Now I know that some steroids like deca work well to heal some injuries, but my friend can give me some primo. So my Q is, will that help as well, instead of the deca at this time? If it would help, should I inject it right into my shoulder? HOw much, since it is just for the sake of my injury, not to add muscle or anything? THanks.



    no it wont help bro its not made for healing injurys but what can help is deca eq or/and hgh… the deca or eq at 300mg a week and see if it helps u some and myself wil shoot it in the shoulder maybe it doesn`t matter but u can never know for sure untill u try it…

    later FB



    The only thing I think that would actually help heal it would be HGH…



    The only thing about the deca and all that is the detection times are pretty long… if there’s any chance of getting tested n stuff, you should probably try to stay away from anything that is in your system for more than a few weeks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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