2ML deca, 1ML sus, and 20mg D-bol

2ML deca, 1ML sus, and 20mg D-bol

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    Im 5 4′, 135lbs and im in week four of 2ml of deca, 1ml of sustanon, 1tab of proviron everyday and 20mg of d-bol…What should i expect from this cycle?

    I gained 7lbs, I currently weight 143 !!!
    and after the last week shot of deca and sus should i start shooting hcg on the 9th and 10th week with 50mg of clomid on 9th and 100mg on 10th and 11th week will drop back on 50mg?

    I eat constantly with weight gainer and protein drink but it looks like im forming a stomach and love handles…
    I train as much as I can whenever is possible, I sleep all day after taking D-bol ….

    Its been the third week of injection of deca and sus, and im loving it(which is weird cause I hate injections)..but it doesnt seems like its kicking in, same thing as d-bol, its like its not kicking in !!!

    I look kinda bloated in my upper body…
    My Butt is in pain, only for one day, which I mixed sus and deca in one injection …

    If dont get huge … I want to try another bulking cycle ..like test cyp… I just dont know what is good to mix it with go obtain aquality muscle mass and how much should I take?

    Can you guys give me an input
    and a sample of how you train………….




    im sure others will agree, the doseages you are using are a bit low, why shoot 250mg of sust a week, hence shutting down your natural test production, which, correct me if im wrong, would be 100mg+ in a normal male.
    My first cycle after much research was 400mg deca and 500mg sust for 8 weeks, nice and simple, i gained a good quality 25lbs and kept it all.
    Sust will kick in around week 5, so be patient, the dbol usually kicks in around 2 or 3 weeks, but with such a low doseage i dont know if youd notice much! I also dont think you need to mix 3 typres of steroids for a first cycle!

    So if you want decent gains, save the dbol, up the sust to 500mg deca to 400mg, and run for another 6-8weeks… if you get your protein/carbs/calories right you will gain well, p.s. if you are eating junk you will get love handles, weight gainer is ok but try and get most of your protein/carbs/cals from food, no point in eating fast food all week and taking weight gainer, you will gain weight, most of which will be fat/water.

    if you need some more advice let me know.



    I agree doses are a little low, but he is only 135lbs.



    yeah but also only 5ft4″ i was 145lbs at 5ft 10″ when i did my first cycle 😉 lol cant you tell i waited to gain some decent muscle mass before starting the gear NOT 😉 just tipping over 200lbs now and 2 weeks into next cycle.

    Best of luck whatever you choose!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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