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rx-roids.com reviews

Rx-Roids.Com Reviews

Rx-Roids.Com (also widely known as RxRoids) sells anabolic/androgenic steroids, pct supplements and peptides online for over 9 years. It claims to be the source of the largest selection of top steroids at the lowest prices. Featured brands include Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, and more. The website has been selling anabolic and androgenic steroids ever since its technology was introduced and mass produced. It ensures disclaimers that none of their products will cause failure in a drug test. They do not sell their products as steroid alternatives, legal steroids, or alternatives to illegal street drugs. Rx-Roids.Com also has wholesale option, which is available for other stores and distributors. Purchase and shipping is possible in multiple countries. Payment methods include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Money Transfer. Orders can be placed online. The retail store is located in multiple locations worldwide.

Rx-Roids.Com Customer Reviews

The majority of its customers agree that Rx-Roids.Com is one of the best steroid store to ever exist. Testimonials from several satisfied customers are included in the web page. They are quite happy with the fast delivery and great customer service. Several comments mention that Rx-Roids.Com was the push the customers need to stop using fake, underdosed and harmful steroids and try their products as a safer, economically sound alternatives. A certain customer mentioned that he had been trying out products from several steroid companies and felt that most of those stores seemed to copy so many things from Rx-Roids.Com. These presumed copy cat websites imitated things starting from Rx-Roids’ marketing strategies to its signature products. Some customers claim to be buying exclusively steroids with bitcoin from Rx-Roids.Com as it never seems to disappoint them in any way. The customer service, as they say, is the best they have ever seen.

Rx-Roids.Com Coupon Codes

Rx-Roids.Com is highly skilled in marketing. It keeps offering coupon codes and attractive discounts in order to keep buyers coming back for more. Even as one of the most successful steroid businesses, it still takes part in promotional activities. It further expands its profit margin by allowing wholesale and bulk offers. Other offers include the following:

  • Discounts of 10 – 25% on featured products. These are subject to change regularly.
  • Free anabolics with all delayed orders.
  • Free shipping on orders over $7.000.


Rx-Roids.Com is no doubt one of the best steroid onlines stores to be currently in business. Even if it is seen as a normal business, it does everything right. In other words, the marketing strategy executed by the company is flawless. Virtually no customer seem to be dissatisfied with neither the services provided nor the quality of the products. The products are certified as legal and a non alternative to steroids. The online store is fast and secure for all purchases. Its professionalism is clearly displayed in the “Feedbaks” of the webpage, where customers are blown away by everything the site has to offer.

It regularly posts attractive offers for its loyal customers. Doing business at this rate for over 9 years explains the vast growth of the store. Rx-Roids.Com is a favourite among a high percentage of bodybuilders from around the world. The site gets a perfect score. 5 out of 5.


  1. bigt1 - 2018-01-04 1:06 PM

    Great SRC! Felt like I was his only customer. One product I ordered wasn’t in stock so he sent me free test prop for my wait. The wait was only 6 extra days. All vials was filled to the top! At least 12ccs.

    T/A was 13 days total. Packaging was discrete.

    Liquid dbol, Tren E, Test E

    Used products for 10 weeks. Quality was great! Had great gains!

    I recommend this src to anyone. Products were great! Putting another order soon!

  2. dynaglide73 - 2018-01-11 12:37 PM

    Rx-Roids is the only source I will use now! The only time I go somewhere else now, reluctantly, is when Rx-Roids does not carry something I need–which is not often! Kalpa’s products are of the highest quality, never weak or short! His delivery and ordering process is the best, quickest and most reliable! Give them a shot if you doubt this and you will be pleasantly surprised! That is, of course, if you can read! I have never had a problem and Rx-Roids always goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied!

    I have never had a problem with this gentleman getting back to me and have ordered, probably going on, ten times.

    Packaging is exceptional! I have never had anything arrive broken, crashed or otherwise out-of-sorts! Very discreet and have been able to pick the packages up without incident!

    Product quality has always been spectacular!! Rx-Roids.com is the only source that I use anymore! Not that there are not some other good sources out there, I am sure, but Rx-Roids has consistent quality, fast and dependable shipping, as well as the best customer service available! This post is overdue because I believe I wrote about the Test/EQ/Mast that I used last year with amazing gains in strength and vascularity! Front-loading the EQ is something everyone should remember to do! So, I will write primarily about the Test Cyp/Primo/Var cycles I used into this year. I ran the Cyp/Primo/Var for six weeks at high levels, particularly the Var at 50 mg’s. I am a little older and I care about my liver, so I then took two weeks and lowered the Var to 20mgs a day, as well as the Cyp and Primo. I did this three times for a total of 18 weeks at peak levels and 6-7 weeks at low levels. I only lost about 10 lbs of water when I was done, but my BF went down again into the single digits with no loss in strength! In fact, the Var from DP was used primarily doing my low weeks and felt better than the other lab’s 50 mg capsules! It reminded if the 5 or 2.5 tabs I use to get decades ago and could only take 5 mg’s at a time or get a nose-bleed doing push-ups! These were great and not available very long from Rx-Roids. I was also a little concerned when DP changed the Primo from 200 to 100 because, I believe I remember correctly, some people were complaining about the PIP. Let me say, I had absolutely no PIP from either of the two versions! And I hate PIP and is why I refuse to use Test P unless it is cut with something–same thing with Winny! Just not worth it, to me at my age! Whatever DP did to the 100 version, it improved the effectiveness, in my opinion and looking at my logs! I did a medium length run of just Primo and Cyp that leaned me out like nothing I have ever done. I did cut my caloric intake significantly and saw minimal loss of strength! While appearance is not as important to me, when compared to strength, I did need to loose some weight and did. I can’t recommend these products highly enough! The GH has been good, at a great price, whether I got Pfizer or Thaiger GH! When I use generic kits, Thaiger’s are the only ones I will use! I try and run pharm grade once a year and have a clinic for that. Rx-Roids.com is a great source that has customer service that is head-and-shoulders above anyone else I have ordered from over the past twenty years! I hope this helps someone out there when trying to decide in who to use!

    Great source! No gimmicks and no BS! My favorite and go-to source these days!!!

  3. TrenFreak89 - 2018-01-18 9:45 AM

    BEST overall for everything- communication to packaging. Rx-Roids is extremely helpful and I recommend him to anyone looking for the best cycle.

    Communication is fast and precise. Responds quickly.

    Very discreet, looks like any ordinary package. Packed nice and tight.

    pinned the test 400 with npp, super smooth and no pip. Oils are perfectly clear. Can’t wait to see the rest of the results in 16 weeks.

    everyone should try DP oils

  4. Jimmy Tango - 2018-01-25 11:30 AM

    This review is a little late. I ordered back in September, got blood work in November, and went off cycle by early December.

    This was my first time ordering from an online source and rx-roids promptly responded to my emails and answered my many questions.

    Packaging was acceptable. I could ask for no more and would expect no less.

    Testosterone Enanthate had a bit of pip that was unpleasant but not crippling. After a gluteal injection it was as if my glute didn’t want to fire. I dropped into the hole on a squat and had to focus really hard to get it to contract to get back up. By mixing the testosterone with deca in the same syringe it mitigated the soreness sufficiently and I had no further issues. Testosterone blood work looked good.

    I had not used Deca before so I can’t judge it against what I would expect from testosterone alone. This was a bit of a short trial run so I think I would need to have taken Deca for longer to see the full effects. The single vial of Trenbolone was just to try. I was in my system long enough to experience the androgenic effects but not anabolic effects of a longer cycle. My lifts immediately went up and I had a hard time sleeping which is exactly what one would expect from Trenbolone.

    Overall it was a positive experience and I would recommend rx-roids.com to friends.

  5. Fitnessjunky1987 - 2018-02-08 1:19 PM

    This review is for the Balkan Danabol I got in I rx-roids last promo they had some months back I must say Balkan hands down makes the best gear out and D-BOL is my fav to use when bulking so I couldn’t wait to use there tabs.

    Communication was spot on they respond to my PMs in 24 hours every time.

    My order came with in two weeks and thing was wrap very good and none of my tabs where broking and they sent the packs the tabs go in always love that.

    I used the B-BOL for the first four weeks of my cycle as a kicker and it did just that I used 50mgs a day broking in two dose one first thing in the morning and the second pre workout. By the second week I had already put 15 pounds on my bench and 50 pounds on my squat the pumps I got where so bad on arm days I would have to cut my workouts at the end of the four weeks I gain almost 15 pounds. I must say this is the best D-BOL I have used

    The only thing I can say is I wish I had more to use I will be using the Balkan Danabol again in my cycles going forward.

  6. riptnhuge - 2018-03-16 1:09 PM

    Good source I would order again sometime in the future.

    Good she answers all inquiries promptly.

    I think it was 2 or 3 weeks from ordering so also satisfactory.

    Mast-p, Tren-a, Deca.

    I was having issues with my elbow, and kalpas deca help clear that right up. I also maintained my strength and maybe saw a little gain in strength.

    Good source all around.

  7. Mcabrera305 - 2018-03-22 1:30 PM

    Got my order really fast, which was great and the gear was packaged very well presented. Great quality I have placed 2 orders and will be placing third order soon. Great prices too. Would definitely recommend.

  8. ClassyChassis - 2018-04-05 11:49 AM

    Great customer service. Prompt replies, prompt shipping.

    Just wanted to try them out, so I ordered 10mg var for my girl.

    My girl was coming along nicely, getting leaner, looking more solid, but she stopped because she didn’t like the acne she was getting on her shoulders. lol… She likes her smooth skin (and so do I). So I’ve used it a few times, 50mg pre-workout and have gotten wicked pumps within a couple sets.

    This is a great source. Var was definitely legit and customer service is second to none. Shop with confidence.

  9. crotchetrocket - 2018-06-21 11:23 AM

    I ordered from this source two separate times, both times I got exactly what I was expecting. My first order went down without a hitch, however I did have some problems my second time around but it was caused by a small payment issue by my part.

    Communication was good, there are times were I wish they would get back to me a little bit sooner but nevertheless they got back with information that I needed.

    Packaging was great. Everything was secure, shipping was clean and neat and quick, and no glass/tablets wherever broken.

    *First order;


    Sus 250

    Viagra Cialis

    * Second order;

    shitload of Cialis

    Quality on the test and the NPP was great, the Sustanon and NPP mix very well together in the same syringe and injected fairly smoothly. The Viagra cialis worked okay but in order to fight the deca-dick I needed more and higher doses of Cialis. For me personally NPP makes my back breakout tremendously but turns me into a complete monster, but the acne is a simple fix with a trip to the doctor and some prescription medications for your skin.

    On my second order it took a while to get solved, we eventually got it all sorted out and they even sent to me A little bit more product that I ordered for my patients. I will definitely be a return customer due to the high quality of products that are provided as well as the excellent customer service that will keep me giving them my business for years.

  10. madmuscle - 2018-06-21 1:10 PM

    this review will reflect experience from products used from the last promo.

    packaging was very secure and discrete. t/a was as promised received my order within 2 weeks time.

    Kalpa d-bol 10mg tabs

    Kalpa Clomid 50mg tabs

    due to the quantity on hand I decided to use the d-bol as a pre workout at 30mgs 30 to 45min prior to training. immediate effects was more energy, focus, and harder, somewhat painful muscle pumps, along with heartburn, this is common when I use this oral compound. within the first few weeks my aggression and strength shot up notably on my compound lifts. I was able to bench press 405lbs for 5 controlled reps, last attempt at this I was able to get only 2 reps. the Clomid I experimented with during cycle to keep from being totally shut down and reverse testicular atrophy. It is my belief I was successful
    doing so using 100mgs daily for 10 days. better general mood, increase in testy size, and more seaman volume.

    due to the courteous communication, and generosity of this source I would recommend shopping here.

  11. JoneDoe - 2018-06-28 3:52 PM

    The review is for Kalpa’s deca (nandroxyl).

    So I did a 16 week mass cycle using deca. I took 1 1/2cc Monday and Friday the whole 16 weeks didn’t feel or seeing anything till about 7 or 8 weeks in. Once it did kick nothing but gain weight took off and never stopped by week 16 I was up 18 pounds now yes it was some water but the muscle fullness was great. Asides started to get alil crazy started to kill my sex drive but easy fix with about 100mgs of prov Ed.

    Great deca, great lab I pick some more up ASAP.

  12. thegifguy - 2018-06-29 10:21 AM

    Ordered a 16 week cycle of test-e/eq and with a kick start of Test-P. Really impressed and can’t wait to see what the rest of the cycle holds. Rx-roids is tip-top and have never had a better experience ordering from the sources on here. Definitely going to order from here again.

    Tip top communication. Every silly question I asked was answer quickly and thoroughly. None better so far.

    3 weeks into my 16 week cycle. Oils are smooth and have no pip (except one that was my fault). The Test-P is f’n bad ass! I have already gained around 15 lean pounds and it keeps going. Eq hasn’t kicked in, but I’ll keep it posted.

    Best source in my opinion. Had problems with other sources, but it’s been smooth sailing with this source. Highly recommend.

  13. bodaduchee - 2018-07-06 10:33 AM

    Great source. Always on time. Great communication. Didn’t really need to but I had one question and it was answered within hours

    Very discreet and tight. No damaged goods

    Pinned 600mg test e and 400 my test p per week . Test e on Monday and thursday. Test p about every other day . I think the test p got me swole. I had to change shirt sizes. TEST P MAY HAVE GIVEN ME AGGRESSION. CAN’T SAY FOR SURE BECAUSE I ALSO USED TEST E BUT WHEN I STOPPED THE TEST P THE EXTRA AGGRESSION SLOWLY WENT AWAY

  14. # - 2018-07-19 4:53 PM

    Great gear ! When I pinned it at cc a day my strength shot up even higher than already was from crusing on tren and started sweating my ass off even more than usual and got night sweats love tren and love kalpa tren ! The shit was awesome to blast with I deff could tell it was potent and dosed correctly !

    Communication was very good the whole time I was in contact with rx-roids and he was very nice and professional about whole thing

  15. former_fatty - 2018-08-28 4:48 PM

    Decided to order some pharma goodies here and Balkan test for my cutter stack

    Had great prices

    Good custy service

    Fast delivery

    Very happy with results


  16. thomas33 - 2018-09-04 2:17 PM

    I have mad a few orders from this sources n I only have had one problem with one pack but I am working with rx-roidsa on that. Any way I just finished using kalpa dianoxyl 50×20mg @ 40mg per day with test c 200mg for the first two weeks (I got the test c from a friend that got it from a doctor) then switched to test e 275mg using only 200mg twice a week Monday and Thursday 206mg when I switched to the test e. I used dbol for four weeks I’m on week five for the test. Communication with rx-roids is always good. Orders arrive as promised on time. Diet wasnt as good as it could have been so I only gained 10 pounds (I’m work in hard to improve my diet) I’m not getting enuf rest ether work in on that too. I’m gonna do another 5 weeks on test e the last four on anadrol hopefully my program is better by then I’m working hard to improve it.

    Can’t wait to put in my next order.

  17. HydeMind - 2018-09-11 1:54 PM

    This was my first time doing business with Rx-Roids and I’m very satisfied with the quality of the gear and the turnaround time to receiving my gear.

    Communication was very fast. Rx-Roids answers tickets promptly and had my order out quickly.

    T/A was about three weeks international and the packaging was discreet.

    DP Viagra

    My girl has been VERY satisfied with the Viagra or as she calls them the grandpa pills.

  18. Jeff007 - 2018-10-30 7:05 PM

    I needed some Dbol as I had a full pot thrown out by accident and was in a hurry. I explained and they said they’d get it to me as quick as possible.

    Communication was excellent, every email was answered promptly and they were very helpful.

    Kalpa Dbol

    50mg daily, quality is good. I like Kalpa and this is definitely Kalpa Dbol. I love the pumps from it and strength it gives.

    For my first transaction I am really happy with how this went. They helped me out of a spot here, I didn’t want a few days out and I can’t praise them highly enough for this. I’ll definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone.


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