Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

sunless tanning solutions

Sunless Tanning Solutions for Bodybuilders

Sunless tanning commonly involves the application of substances on the surface of the skin to bring about the desirable browning of the skin tone. The use of the injectable hormone Melanotan has become more popular in the UK, although traders will most likely not hold a valid trading license for[…]

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kidney stone

Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stones are often too small to cause any notable discomfort, yet those stones which cause a blockage may result in severe pain, nausea, and fever like symptoms. Kidney stones can be caused by high protein intake, or excess calcium, so bodybuilders and fitness athletes who follow a high protein[…]

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acne treatment

Acne And Skin Care

We can spend lots of time and effort in the gym improving the way we look and feel about ourselves, yet acne has the potential to drastically reduce our self-esteem. Face acne can leave people feeling very self-conscious, whilst acne of the chest or back will leave many sufferers with[…]

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protein shakes

A Guide To Protein Shakes

There are a variety of protein shakes available on the market, so it is important to have at least a basic understanding of the difference between the various products, so an informed purchasing decision can be made. Some protein powders are great value for money, others could be said to[…]

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paige hathaway

Paige Hathaway

Paige is not sitting on a diet of 1,000 calories and, frankly, she loves to eat. Her breakfast (in preparation) – a protein from eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter. Her diet is dominated by tuna, shrimp, chicken, eggs, avocado, lettuce, broccoli, shpinach, asparagus, couscous, brown rice, dried berries, strawberry, peanut, almond[…]

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bodybuilding diet tips

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

Those who seek to gain muscle mass will need to pay close attention to their diets for optimal progress. Unfortunately, there is much conflicting advice regarding diets for bodybuilding, and sometimes it is all too easy to over analyse everything and become frustrated. Here are ten back to basics bodybuilding[…]

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exercising safely

Exercising Safely

Exercising can profoundly improve both physical and mental health, but it is important we exercise safely as there can be a real risk of injury or harm. In this article we outline various safety tips which should reduce the risk of injury and accidents when exercising, and we have split[…]

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gracyanne barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa

On the network is almost no information on the popular fitness model and dancer from Brazil – Gracyanne Barbosa, famous for her incredibly developed buttocks (and the rest of her group of muscles at a high level). Gracyanne somehow is not working hard to go beyond the portuguese-speaking segment of[…]

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