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BuyTestosterone.NET Reviews is a trusted distributor of steroid products which exceed stringent industry standards. They have a wide range of Testosterones:

and other anabolics and steroids are available in their comprehensive inventory.

They guarantee customer satisfaction every single time you deal with them, not just because they have a wide array of high-quality steroid products, but also because they offer outstanding customer service, with quick turn-around on orders and a full guarantee on all their products.

Customer Reviews

Real customers from all over the country have nothing but good things to say about BuyTestosterone.Net. They are one of the leading testosterone distributors in the country because they bring you only the best testosterone products in the market, coupled with their professional and excellent customer service.

We constantly sample the latest products so that they can keep up with the current trends in the bodybuilding community, which is why there is always something in their inventory for every athlete and bodybuilder. Whether you are a newbie steroid user who just recently made the shift, or an old timer who knows the skinny on all types of steroid products, you will find something at BuyTestosterone.Net to fill your bodybuilding needs.

Virtually all of their customers have no complaints when it comes to their product range and quality.  All their valued clients are 100% satisfied with their quick turn-around time on all orders that are placed through their website. Not only does BuyTestosterone.Net deliver superb testosterone merchandise fast and efficiently, they deal with all their clients, partners, retailers, suppliers and the community at large with honesty and integrity.

They value every single product review or testimonials on their products and company as a whole very highly. BuyTestosterone.Net takes each of these opinions very seriously. They go over each customer testimonial and review to make sure they are providing you with products and services of the highest quality. legit

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Overall Rating

BuyTestosterone.Net is definitely a trailblazer in the steroid community. The product range and variety are amazing, and they make sure that customer orders are delivered fast and efficiently. They are one of the leading distributors of high-quality testosterone products in the industry for a good reason. They deserve a 5-star rating.

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  1. CHUNKK - 2018-02-06 11:24 AM

    This is my review for my last purchase from, I am reviewing the SP Labs tren ace.

    I really didn’t communicate much with the source, pack arrived well within stated time so it wasn’t needed.

    Shipping took about two weeks.

    This was my first run with tren, I decided to go with sp labs because I have ran many of their products with success and I’m confident in their quality. My tren cycle was for 8weeks. The sp tren ace is dosed at 75mg/ml so I pinned 0.7ml everyday, which comes out to 52.5 mg. I did an every day pinning protocol because I heard it keeps blood levels more stable and reduces sides. The results I gained was pretty impressive. By week 2 is when I first started noticing gains and from there it just progressed and got better and better weekly. Live heard many guys say they seen changes in the mirror daily. From my experience that’s a little exaggerated but I definitely seen weekly changes. By week two my strength shot up and continued to improve on about a weekly basis. The recoup effect it had on my body is where the tren really shined. I was getting compliments daily, several guys even asked me if I competed. My whole body was a lot harder and muscles were more defined. My veins were bulging everywhere, without even flexing, my body looked like a road map. I also noticed my arms seemed to look bigger in fullness, which is something I was real happy about. I can’t say I lost all that much fat if any, but with the hardening effects tren had and the amount of water I sweated out it definitely gave my body a much leaner look. I didn’t think the sides were all that bad really. I felt the sides within the first week but I tolerated them pretty well. After a week in I noticed I was sweating a lot more. I’d sweat so much during my workout I was practically soaked as if I took a shower with my clothes on. Ip the tren definitely had an impact on my stamina/ cardio, just doing a simple set of bicep curls would start to get my winded and I was huffing for air. Insomnia wasn’t to bad, I definitley slept every night, I probably only averaged 4-5 hours but I still woke up feeling well rested. Tren didn’t have any negative impact on my mood or mentality which is something I heard a lot about and made me nervous. I didn’t experience any anxiety or paranoia, at all. In fact the my well being was euphoric for many weeks and I felt great physically and mentally. I definitley enjoyed my first run with tren.

    I would recommend and sp labs to any of my friends with the upmost of confidence.


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